How to remove your credit card from your AliExpress account

We explain how to remove the credit card from your AliExpress account in case you have changed cards or want to put another one.

Either because you have changed your card, you have lost it or you have several and want to change, we will tell you how to remove the credit card from your AliExpress account. But first, you should know that you don’t have to register one, and that you can add the payment information every time you make a purchase.

But, if you use this online shopping platform a lot , which is already positioned as the second of these characteristics only behind Amazon, you may be interested in registering your banking information so that you do not have to enter the data with each purchase ; You can even have more than one card and pay with the one that suits you best each time. But let’s go in parts! The first thing you have to know is where your “Wallet” is to be able to review the information you want to add or change. Take note!


As we said, the first thing you have to know is where your wallet is on Aliexpress, as it will be there where you can change, add or modify your payment methods. If you do not have it located, we will explain it to you right here:

  • To access your “Wallet”, enter the application and go to “My account”. It is the icon that appears in the lower left, as you will see in the following image.
  • Once on the next screen, you will see that it says “Wallet”:that’s it.
  • If you press, you will see information about your balance, the bonuses you have obtained for your purchases and, at the end, the section “Cards and bank accounts”. Stay with these steps because you will need them to know how to remove the credit card from your AliExpress account, add a new one or change it.


Knowing how to remove the credit card from your AliExpress account may interest you if you have already registered one; But, as we said, if you have not done it before, you may want to know how to do it. This will also help you change it … Step by step!

Once you are in “Wallet”, as we explained in the previous point, press the “plus” sign next to “Add card”.

On the next screen, as seen above, you will have to enter your data and click to save . You already have the card registered! To delete it, you just have to go back to Wallet and delete the card in question. See how to do it in the next point.


When you have a registered card, you will be able to see it in the “Cards and bank accounts” section, but if you are inquiring about how to delete the cards stored in AliExpress , you will have realized that if you click on the card information nothing happens. What you have to do for any change is to click on the “Organize” option , as we indicate in the image below. On the next screen, you will have two options:

  • Add:to, as you may have guessed, add a new card.
  • Delete:right next to the registered card. If you click there, and click on delete again on the next screen, the card will be deleted!


If you have successfully reached the previous point, surely you already know or intuit how to change the credit card in AliExpress . To do this you have to go back to the Wallet, to your bank information and stay very well with the steps explained above; especially the “Add” and “Delete” points.

To change the credit card you have in Aliexpressa, you will have, in the order you prefer, to add a new card, and delete the one you had previously registered. That easy!

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