How to change my PayPal card

Today we use credit cards on a daily basis when we want to make purchases if we do not have cash at the time. But at the same time and the most important thing is that these credit cards can be used with varieties or multitudes of online payment systems . So there are many electronic payment mechanisms, but perhaps one of the most important and best known is Paypal where you can open an account without the need for a credit card .

In an introductory way we can say that credit cards are the cash mechanisms to make purchases. These payment methods have a certain or methods that are used today to make purchases without having to have cash. This gives a certain margin of security, since it will not be necessary to have security shielding amounts provided by banks in case of loss or fraud of your cards.

The downside is that they have an expiration or expiration date and that at the time of linking or linking them with online payment platforms and in this case with Paypal, you will have to keep them in force before the credit card expires.

The good news is that Paypal will inform you of any status related to your cards . PayPal will notify you if the card is about to expire and if it needs to be updated, you can also generate a card number for Paypal .

PayPal is one of the most used platforms worldwide when making purchases online, or also if we want to transfer or receive money, but for this the prerequisite is that both the sender and the recipient must do so using the same platform. PayPal.

Paypal Business account is also available for those who have companies and wish to carry out commercial transactions with higher amounts, however there are ways to calculate the high Paypal commissions .

If you are not sure how to update your credit card, you can use PayPal’s “Help Center” . Which will guide you so that you can solve your problem in a simple way. This platform also has a support “chat” that you can also use if you are not quite sure how to update your credit card.

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  1. How to know the expiration date of my card associated with PayPal
  2. Expired card PayPal – What to do and how to change expired card?
  3. How to delete an associated credit card in PayPal
  4. Steps to add a new card to my PayPal account
  5. PayPal rejects my credit card – How to fix it
    1. Problems associating my credit card with PayPal

How to know the expiration date of my card associated with PayPal

First you must access your personal PayPal account, then you will go to the main menu by clicking on ‘Wallet’ and select the card that we have associated with. Your card details will appear on the screen , including the expiration date.

If you have a company account and you need to know the expiration date, when entering the account you only access the ‘balance’ tab of the menu, we go to the bottom of the screen where it shows us the associated cards , we click and we can see the card details that we want.

Expired card PayPal – What to do and how to change expired card?

It means that if we do not replace or replace   a credit card before the expiration date, we will not be able to carry out any type of online transaction, so it will be necessary to replace it so that PayPal can recognize it as a new card.

Your card will be disabled to carry out any type of transaction. So you will be forced to update your card or delete your old card and add a new one with a date that PayPal recognizes as new.

How to delete an associated credit card in PayPal

  1. The first step to take is to log in with our PayPal account .
  2. Once inside our account, we will be able to see a notification number   in the bell above located in the upper right corner.
  3. In case the notification is related to the expiration of your card. The message This card has expired appears. Update Card or This Card is about to expire.
  4. Click update
  5. Modify or change the data and then click update card.

Note:  If the new card has a different account number, it will be necessary to add the new card and delete the old one .

In the image below you must press the button ‘Update card’

In this way, with a few simple steps to carry out, we can keep our credit cards up to date with PayPal , and in this way continue to make our daily purchases. You should always be attentive so that you are not disabled within the system and in this way you can correctly consolidate the payments or transfers that you are going to make.

Steps to add a new card to my PayPal account

If you want to add a new card to your account, you must follow these simple steps: First locate the option ‘Wallet’ in the main menu, click and select ‘Associate a debit or credit card’ where you must enter your card information, proceed a ‘Associate card’. Then you must click on the new card added and select ‘Confirm card’ we get the code and we are done.

PayPal rejects my credit card – How to fix it

If PayPal rejects the affiliation of your card, it may be due to the following recurring errors: Your billing address in PayPal is different from the one registered in the card statement , in this case you just have to make sure that the data is the same and if not, edit those registered in PayPal.

The card is registered in more than one Paypal account : In this case, you must delete the card from one of your accounts in order to use it.

The bank that issued your card did not accept the authorization sent by PayPal at the time of joining: In this case, you must contact the bank and find out why they reject the PayPal authorization. If it solves the problem, try associating your card again.

When associating the card you entered the security code wrong three times, in this case, call PayPal customer service and they will help you to affiliate the card. It can also happen that PayPal rejects your card because it already has 8 affiliates, if so, delete one.

Problems associating my credit card with PayPal

If at the time of affiliating your credit card to the PayPal account, the platform gives an ‘error’. Just check the data, as it may be differences in the registration and account statement, your bank denied PayPal authorization, registered the card in another account within the platform or entered the security code wrong. All these problems are easy and quick to fix.

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