How to register land or house

Everyone’s dream is to buy a good house, that is, some people build a house by purchasing land, then some people take a ready-made house or flat, then some people take a home loan. Some people buy houses or land with their saved money, but the biggest problem after buying a house or land or saying house is that how to get their purchased house land in their name? Because if you make some mistake in this land ie Property Registry, then you can easily be fooled by someone, then you should know how to register your property ? ( How To Register Property Information In Hindi )  How to register property, plot flat Information in Hindi , if you own land in this article, houses orHow is a home registry? Full information will be given, along with this, you will be told what is the law for the registry of the house? And what things you should know while buying a house or land and to do your name.

If you have to do your property house, house in your name, then there are some rules i.e. laws in India for this, which you should know until you do not have all the documents or documents in your house till then. Whatever property you have purchased is not in your name, then here, while buying a house, land, plot, you have to understand some important things and rules. C Property Register (P Roperty Register ) to Lecce then step by step learn to be made to the ground or house registry ( How To Register Property, Plot, Flat Information In Hindi ) How to register property, plot flat Information in Hindi, home Full information of the registry of

These important things to keep in mind while buying land or house. What to keep in mind when buying a plot

1. In whose name is the house? :  Whenever you buy a house or plot from any property dealer or from someone who knows someone, then first of all, who is the original owner of the property in whose name it is very important to know all this? home can see the real documents also you did not understand it is also said to keep in mind a scandal of this land or houses, court case (Court case) is running if a problem is a lawyer of The resort can take

2. Good to know about the company and the property dealer:  If you buy a property, in such a situation, check the background of any company or dealer that you are buying land from. You will know very well about it. You should buy property from a well-known company or property dealer. The risk of fraud is less.

3. Beware of advertisements: In  today’s time, many people in internet make online advertisements to sell their property such as land, house and house, then some people give you greed by falsely and falsely If you get a 2bhk flat or a 3bhk flat built or built in this land, then they promise to give you a house at a very cheap price, along with providing a bank loan facility, then all these things will give you comfort It would be better not to stay

4. Find the price of the property in the market:  Many people do not check the price in the market i.e. when buying a property, what is the price of what you are buying or buying property by now. This will save you money, otherwise anyone can give you more money by giving you cheaper property, apart from this, the property is also valued according to the place.

5. Clear the whole thing in advance from the dealer:  It often happens that after taking a flat or house, you are later told that you have to pay so much money, you have to pay every month of parking, tax on the property There are many other things that are charged from you after registering the house, so before taking property in Suru, clear all the things from it and take it in writing.

6. Rule is not about the law:  Sayd you will not know the city that is the city home to the registry or a plot of registry ( Plot Registry )  consists of Law (Law), ie rules vary so before buying land home If you take information about the rule of law or if most people take the help of Advocate, then you can take it, but still you should know a lot of rules law on your behalf, good for you by taking home registry. Will.

7. Bijili water bill is full ie,  when buying a house, many times people forget why water bill or electricity bill gets so many times that before which this house or property was not filled If this happens, then you may have to pay all that water bill, electricity bill, once you register the house, so find out all this beforehand.

So, there are some important things if you buy a house or land, and before registering money and home, you should know all the things beforehand, otherwise you can be a fraud, so let’s now know how to register the land or  home (A Step-By-Step Guide to Registering Your Property in Hindi)  How to Register Property Information in Hindi

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How to register land or house Property registration process

 1. Determine the value of your property according to the market 

Before buying a property or getting a house registry done, you should get the property i.e. whatever flat, land, or house you have, to get the market value of that property. It would be good to know the price also.

This is why you have to make stamp duty paper to get the property register done. Now the question comes, what is this stamp duty? (What is Stamp Duty in Hindi) What is stamp duty in Hindi, then in easy language, there is a kind of tax that is levied on buying a land property house house when you own a property and transfer that land or in your name. Before registering or registering, before that, you have to make stamp duty, for which you have to pay some money, the government can get the land registered only.

 2. Now buy stamp duty paper

After all these things, now you have to buy non-judicial stamp duty paper, you have to go to court to buy this paper and you can buy it easily, so here you will get the amount of stamp duty according to the state This amount will be different in every state.

So for an example, let’s understand that the value of the house is Rs 20 lakh and it is currently in the area of ​​the area and the price of this mark is 22 lakh according to the government, then you have to make stamp duty according to 22 lakh which is more price. Stamp duty will be made according to the same rate

If you want, you can buy these stamp duty papers from licensed sellers i.e. sellers or if you want, you can also buy this paper online, for this you can  visit the  site

 3. Now make land or plot to sell and buy paper

After all these things, now you have to get the paper selling the land, whoever is selling their land, house or plot in the court, will have to write it well in this paper that I have given this land or house in its name. The owner is in this, he has sold the property in such a way, so check all these things properly.

 4. Now go to sub registrar for home registry

After doing all these things, you should take all these documents to the sub registrar and get that land or house registered, then for this, both the land you are selling and the one who is buying will have to come together. There should be two more witnesses together, they should have documents like their identity card, Aadhaar card etc. Also you will get a receipt while submitting the documents. Keep the receipt

 5. Now after few days collect the registry document

As soon as you follow all these steps, after that you will have to verify all these documents, that is, if you do not throw the documents to be checked, all the documents will be submitted when the correct documents are correct, after that you should take the documents of the home registry from the Registrar Office. Can be in your name.

So in this way you can get your plot house or house registered, but here you should seek the help of a lawyer for all these things, for all these things, a lawyer can guide you well, so the house, land registry Should get help from a lawyer if it is to be done

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