How to land faster in PUBG

Touch the ground as quickly as possible and lead the early stages of playing PUBG

Landing faster than opponents is your primary task and an important component of victory. Here are some tips to help you lead more confidently in the early stages of the game.

How to land quickly

When you jump out of the plane, you need to select the area in which you want to land, and then keep parallel to the ground (for example, if you want to land in a distant area, then aim in its direction and look at the horizon). Once your area is about 50 meters away in the horizontal plane, then aim directly at the ground until your speed rises to 232 km / h. The gray height bar in the lower left corner of the screen shows your position in relation to the ground, and the lower white bar shows the point at which your parachute will automatically deploy. The moment the gray stripe turns into white, you will have to either hold the key forward or release it about one second before. If you have done everything correctly, the speed will be maintained for some time after opening the parachute,

The safest way to do this is to simply hold the W key and stare at the ground throughout the fall. That is why it is better to aim at the area immediately after jumping out of the plane, and then fly down like a stone. Some players also find that after opening the parachute, spiral gliding increases speed. However, 64 km / h seems to be the maximum speed on a parachute, but such a maneuver will still be useful for correcting his landing on the roof.

Here are a couple more tips to help you land quickly:

The game automatically releases your parachute based on the height of the terrain below you. So if you are flying over mountains or hills, then the white stripe of height will rise and overlap the gray stripe. This means that your parachute will open much earlier. If you need to land on high terrain, this is not a problem, however if you are flying over hills by mistake and your landing target is much lower, then an early parachute can slow you down significantly at the beginning of the round. So try to inspect the area below you.

Do you need to fly a huge distance? If you open your parachute (F key) immediately after jumping out of the plane, you can cover long distances. The maximum distance you can fly from the landing point, provided that you open your parachute at the very beginning, is about two kilometers.

However, this distance can only be overcome with one trick. After opening the parachute, you need to alternate holding and releasing the key forward, which will allow you to move 70 meters more than if you were just hovering on a parachute. If you hover without a parachute and, after its automatic deployment, you use a swing trick, you can fly to the same

distance, as with a simple soaring on a parachute, which was opened immediately after the jump (1.5 kilometers).

Landing long distances can be important if you need to reach a distant target, such as an island, in which case the difference between landing in a warehouse with a lot of equipment and landing in the middle of the sea will be significant.

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