Red Lady papaya cultivation in the garden

We do not eat papaya juice in intense heat! A glass of cold papaya juice immerses the heart and cools the mind. And with the antioxidant that I am taking, there is no need to end the benefits. Papaya is a very popular fruit. We use a variety of delicious dishes as papaya vegetables when raw. Papaya market is very hot in the country at present. On the way to the papaya juice, people are eating the juice of the papaya. Raw papaya contains digestive products called papain.

Red pepper is a popular breed of pepperpack currently cultivated in Bangladesh.

Red Lady Hybrid features papaya varieties

  • Each tree of the Redlady breed papaya in a favorable environment.
  • It is a high-yielding papaya tree of Taiwan.
  • Reddy variety papaya trees can grow up to 5 feet in height.
  • The fruit begins to grow only when the height is 4-5 cm high.
  • Each Red Lady varieties can bear up to 3-4 fruits in papaya trees.
  • Fruit colors are in red-green mixture.
  • They are quite large in size.
  • The weight of the fruit varies from 1.5 to 2 kg.
  • Flowers come in between 3-5 months and the first fruits are available in 3-5 months.
  • Its texture is thick, dark red, quite sweet in taste.
  • The fruit is aromatic.
  • Can be marketed both raw and ripe.
  • Can not be easily wasted when ripe and can be marketed remotely. The risk of becoming formalin is low.
  • This variety has the ability to tolerate papaya ring spot virus disease.
  • The life span of this breed is more than 2 years.

Seed Collection

Red Lady seeds are available in two varieties in China and Taiwan. However, the results of Taiwanese seeds have been good so far. Often in the nursery, the seeds of the wrong variety are sold as Red Lady papaya seeds. So it is best to buy seeds with experience.

The number of seeds in each village is 5-7. Seeds need 5-7 grams per hectare. As he 30003200 seedlings of papaya seedlings can be planted on 1 hectare of land. If you want to do in the garden, it is best to buy small packet seeds. This variety of papaya tree is very easy to grow in large drums in the roof garden.

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Made of seedlings

Seeds can be grown from seed. After sowing packets of seeds for 2 hours in the sun, after drying in the sun for 2 hours, after cooling and soaking them in cold water for 3 to 12 hours. If the seedlings are made in a poly bag then the seedlings grow faster after transplanting. In equal size sandy loam soil, potting mix and compost or dung mixture should be filled in a poly bag in the size of 5×3 cm. The drainage system requires 2-5 holes in the bottom of the bag. Then it should sow one of the newly collected seeds and two of the old ones. There should not be more than one sapling in a bag.

Planting seedlings in drums or in the field

Seedlings should be planted if they are 1.5 to 2 months old. In the case of soil 2 meters away 5X1X1 cm in the form of the hole should be mixed with the soil of the soil 5 days before planting. For drainage, you need to put a 3 cm drain between the two rows.


For planting in the roof garden, medium sized drum should be cut in half and made two pots. Drill two or three holes under the drum before filling the soil. Then take 3-5% potting mix, complete the drum with vermicompost. Then the seedlings should be planted there.

Applying fertilizer

During the planting of saplings

After planting the new leaves, in fact, urea and MP fertilizer should be applied to 3 grams every 3 months. Flowers in the tree will actually double this level. Fertilizer must be applied before the end result is collected.

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Interim care

The garden should be kept clean at all times. Weeds should be removed from the root of the tree. The soil of the tree should be lightened by weeding. Excessive fruiting on the tree will bring some fruit and lighten the rest of the fruit. The papaya tree has many benefits by applying various hormones.

Collecting fruit

The papaya tree usually flowers in the middle of 3-5 months and the first fruits are available within 3-5 months. Some will result in yellow color when nourished. As a result of nourishment, the liquid gum like water will come out. Glutinous gum will emerge from the malnourished fruit like milk.


The redlady varieties are available in papaya for 8-1225 fruits.


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