What should be a real man and how does he differ from the “fake

A real man – what is he like?

The question of how a real man should be, at least once in a life, was asked by any woman. Reluctant to somehow get involved with it …

In short, a real man is an accomplished man.

Despite the fact that the requirements and tastes of each representative of the weaker sex are different, it is still possible to single out a number of “distinguishing features”. By the way, knowing about the preferences of a lady, understanding how to become a real man can be faster and easier. And this is just for men! Therefore, our article will be not only interesting, but also useful for both women and all future macho people.

Key qualities of a “real man”

Answering the question: “real man – what is he?”, We give characteristic signs that are 100% consistent with him, that very real one. There are usually 2 main points responsible for “reality”:

  • Realization in work;
  • Realization in the family.

At the same time, a real man enjoys in each of the areas.

But we will go a little further and list its qualities in more detail. So.

What a real man should be

1.   A real man does not count on help “from the outside.”

He is confident in his own abilities. Representations of what a real man should be like in women’s society change regularly. However, the ladies are convinced that he should rely only on himself, both then and now. In order to be considered successful, the representative of the stronger sex really needs to be strong and held in every way.

Now we are talking about the fact that, for example, at the expense of wealthy parents, girls, girls and even adult women can afford to live. But for a guy this is unacceptable – the ability to be independent and independent is very much appreciated;

2.   Self-sufficiency.

Also on our list under the title “real man – what is he?” We are sure that the guy should not solve problems at the expense of friends, relatives, dads and mothers. And even more so, she will not attract a woman to her own problems.

3.   Independence.

It is important for women, but, first of all, representatives of the stronger sex should differ. Unfortunately, in the modern world we can talk about dependence not only on “mother’s skirt”, but also on bad habits and addictions. Smoking, alcohol, drugs – if a guy is attached to all this, he will not succeed in becoming a real man. Independence should be manifested in any field: in decision-making, in one’s own choice, in material and financial matters.

Parents reading a note about the qualities of a real man are important for women, remember: the tendency to addictions is most often caused by education errors . Total control, distrust, lack of support will help you grow not a “defender of the fatherland”, but a person with psychological problems.

4.   Not looking for help.

Only the most extreme case can be the reason that a man with a capital “M” has asked you to. But he does not begin to live relying on other people.

5.   He is intolerant of compromises.

If the work does not suit him, he changes it. If the woman he loves has cheated on him, he leaves her and does not look for ways to return. He does not rush between relatives, friends and spouse. He does not adapt to the situation and specific people. He does not compromise to the detriment of his desires.

6.   He is not used to comparing.

At the biological level, man is structured in such a way that he compares “everything with everyone.” But if a man is confident and successful, he will be able to control himself and his behavioral factors. The only objects for his comparisons can be only “he” and “he is in the past.” And then just to praise yourself and motivate for further growth.

In other words, the true “man” will not delve into himself and worry that a year ago he received a thousand rubles more at his previous job. He will take a look at the prospects and say to himself: “My success is beyond doubt, I have gained invaluable professional experience.”

7.   He knows what he is and accepts himself as such.

What should be a real man? Satisfied and satisfied with himself and his current situation. Understand that “rest on our laurels” can be not only a lazy loser. But he who has already achieved much or is simply confident in his abilities.

In order for you not to get confused in concepts, consider a simple example. Next to you is a guy who constantly grumbles about the fact that he “needs to urgently pump up.” What is the result of such a whining? In the end – your damaged nerves, no more. As a rule, eternally dissatisfied people do not take any real actions, and only nod about their problems.

What happens if you suddenly find yourself with a man of a similar complexion. But who takes both his weight and his figure? You will go next to a self-confident person, satisfied with yourself, and therefore, the world around you as well.

8.   Running behind a woman’s skirt is not his favorite hobby.

If the guy really took place and confident in himself, he will not humiliate himself in front of the girl. Yes, situations in life sometimes happen the most incredible. But still, we argue that if a woman rejected a real man, then he will not come back to her.

Self destruction and love are two different things. And you should never mix the concepts of “courtship” and “humiliation”. “Does not respond to my persistent (within reason, we do not confuse with obsessive) attention? Then I will find another, ”such a motto will be true;

9.   The midlife crisis went painlessly or did not touch him at all.

Considering the question, what qualities of a real man are most important, this moment cannot be missed. Even if he meets all of the above qualities, but at the same time he is ready to leave his wife and children for the sake of “another skirt or a younger one”, he can not be called a real man.

10.       He respects a woman.

He appreciates it and perceives it as an equal, but in need of love and care. If you think that a real man can look down on a girl as a “lower being”, laughs when he sees her behind the wheel or in a leadership position, you are mistaken. Do not forget that in the vast majority of cases, such injections and ridicule are just an excuse to assert oneself at the expense of others. What, as we said above, a man should not need.

He not only respects and appreciates his woman, but also treats others with care. He will not fail to turn to a specialist with a serious question, despite the fact that she is a woman, and will not laugh at “women’s gatherings”.


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