13 ways to enjoy life without extra investment

If it seems to you that you are eking out a “miserable existence” and this cannot be changed, you are mistaken. In fact, enjoying every minute of the day is not difficult at all. We learn about how to enjoy life using the “tools at hand” and the little tricks available to each of us.

Learning to live for pleasure

The recipes of life pleasures offered by us are really affordable and, as a rule, completely free. Use them.

1.   Make your night dark and fresh.

You really will live your pleasure during the day,

if with the advent of night you will easily fall asleep and sleep soundly until the morning.

Recommendation : discard all sources of artificial light 30-40 minutes before going to bed. Sleep in total darkness, having previously aired the room, and life in pleasure will become your constant companion.

2.   Start the day peppy and with a smile on your face.

“Stupidity and banality” – someone will think. Not at all.

How to enjoy life using this rule? This is not about an artificially tense smile (although it often works), but about how to make the morning really enjoyable.

Recommendation: Have you heard about the Zeigarnik Effect? You can learn more about him by looking for information on the Web. Let us explain its essence with an example. Before you go to bed, do something pleasant and interesting. Let’s say you watch 10 minutes of an exciting movie or read a few pages of an interesting story. Go to bed, and watch a movie in the morning or read a book. You yourself will be surprised at how quickly and pleasantly woke up. Creating an anticipation of something joyful, you can wake up easily and with pleasure, maintaining this state for the whole day.

Another recommendation is for an early climb. No, do not get up with the first cocks. Just gradually set the alarm 5-10 minutes earlier than usual. So you free yourself time in the morning for something pleasant. Hurry does not contribute to a good day. A measured gathering with a cup of coffee and even reading the news will fill the morning with pleasure.

3.   Your menu should have dishes worthy of any gourmet.

This does not mean that you should eat only delicacies.

Do not forget, we offer only about those pleasures in human life that are available to each of us.

Recommendations: chew food slowly. Food, like all other pleasures in life, should be savored. Do not “throw in yourself” food, do not rush. Pay attention to serving.

4.   Receive pleasant emotions from expectation.

Wait and enjoy, not nervous?

How to enjoy life and enjoy even waiting for something or standing idle in traffic? It is easy if you use the minutes of forced inaction as time for a pleasant conversation with yourself.

Recommendations: you should have weapons against boredom at hand: an audiobook, a pleasant dream that you can visualize in your mind, a beautiful neighbor on the subway car (or rather, thoughts about it). Instead of being angry at the circumstances, devote this time to something that will give you pleasure.

5.   Read interesting books.

Immerse yourself in the plot without doing other things at the same time.

Recommendations: such pleasures in human life, such as books, are available to everyone. Do not refuse electronic readers if you prefer paper volumes. Take them on the road. Listen to audio books if you cannot read the paper.

And the material carrier will not be key. Read aloud, especially if you have children. Read in silence and in a comfortable chair. Make a special ritual from reading that gives peace and joy.

6.   Listen to music that you like.

Change playlists.

A selection of music has a magical ability to influence mood and self-awareness. Learn to understand its essence, listening to songs in the background. Take time to listen to the works of classical composers.

Recommendations: while listening to your favorite or new songs, do not stoop. You need a straight back. Try to feel the music and words not only by your hearing, but also by your skin. You must become one sensitive ear. And then the melody will create magical images in front of you. You should also concentrate on the sensations of the body, especially in the area of ​​the spine.

7.   The most delicious drink is water. The most pleasant environment is water.

Water soothes.

It also tones up, gives strength, energizes, observation of water helps to improve mental processes.

Recommendations: turning life into pleasure, drink clean fresh water daily. You need 7-8 glasses. In addition, you can buy a subscription to the pool, go to the sea or to your own bathroom. An invigorating shower will help relieve stress and provide a healing massage.

8.   Movement is life.

You will not get a healthy body if you sit in one place all day.

Do not rape yourself with heavy physical exertion, if this is not to your liking. But give your body a little pleasure by warming up daily.

Recommendations: the minimum number of steps that should be taken daily is 10 thousand. Do you think this is impossible? You are wrong. Use pedometer applications, fortunately, you can find them on any smartphone. Measure the path covered during the day, and if the conquered distance was too small, go to the street. Only 15-20 minutes in the fresh air, and the job is done.

In addition, try daily dancing or warming up your body in another pleasant way. The main thing is that during warm-up every muscle of the body is worked out, which remains idle during working days. Especially recommended should be a popular yoga pose called savasana (“dead” pose).

9.   Do not give up on new experiences.

Your psyche needs emotional nourishment.

And you are in new emotions and impressions. Otherwise, you will start to mope, and as a result, it is very possible that you will become ill.

Recommendations: you can pamper your sense of smell, taste buds, organs of hearing and vision, touch. Get a really interesting hobby . Then every day in life will be a joy.

10.       Try to find bliss and peace.

Increased anxiety is characteristic of the vast majority of modern people.

How to get rid of her? Try to spend every day in a society of people who are really located to you.

Recommendations: it often turns out that it is impossible to feel calm even in the family circle. After all, relatives can always quarrel with each other. In this case, try to find like-minded interests. A good solution is attending psychological training .

11.       Fill your life with victories and achievements.

Often people miss their victories.

Considering them not worthy to pay attention to them. But in vain!

Start praising yourself for any successful business. So you can tune in to success in large events.

Recommendations: try to please yourself even with small victories. Did you get a delicious soup? You deserve praise. You woke up quickly and easily, and started the day earlier a couple of hours? This is undoubtedly your victory and achievement. Learn to find joy in every day, and life will bring pleasure.

12.       Get to know the “free will.”

This is pure pleasure.

It is more than a sense of freedom within or without oneself.

Recommendations: to understand what is at stake in this case, you can read the brilliant story “Will” by Nadezhda Teffi. By the way, we have already said that it is thanks to the books that you can turn life into a real pleasure.

13.       Look for the meanings.

Pleasure cannot be meaningless.

Between a life that is dedicated to pleasure and enjoyment, and a life that is full of meaning, there is a huge difference, do you think? However, you are mistaken.

If there is no meaning in life, then any pleasure will not bring the desired pleasure. Remember the popular joke about how a man demanded that he return money for a “defective” balloon that did not let air through, but simply did not bring pleasure …

Recommendations: ask yourself some magic questions: why and for what? Engage in searches of high meaning, considering even simple and everyday joys and pleasures. You will find that pleasure can be found everywhere.


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