How to protect your lips from the sun in summer?

The lips suffer in summer because the high temperatures make them dry and crack more easily . This is indicated by Mª Luisa Bertomeu, member of Dermopharmacy of the Official College of Pharmacists of Valencia , who advises hydrating them and protecting them from solar ration. “The skin of the lips is thinner than that of the rest of the body, it only has 5 layers of cells compared to 16 on the face. Therefore, it is essential to use a specific product and, if possible, with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher ”, explains Bertomeu.

How and when to apply the lip balm? This pharmacist suggests using it daily, both in winter and summer, spreading a generous amount before leaving home. “You always have to have hydrated and nourished lips, that’s why, after bathing, you have to dry the area well with small taps and, although the product is waterproof, we must apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure, renew it every two hours and after each bath ”, he specifies. These measures are extensible for  sport , since when drinking water or sweating it is necessary to dry the area and use lip balm.

Regarding the type of products , Bertomeu comments that it is best to go for  a neutral one without additives to avoid lip-sucking and, also, without perfumes or parabens. “If you want with color, there are lip protectors with pH dependent pigments that, depending on the pH itself, the pigment takes on the tone with a personalized result,” he adds. In this sense, a report by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) warns that some cosmetics contain ultraviolet filters although they do not indicate it on the label . How to recognize them? The same document indicates that ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate is widely used although it is related to hormonal disorders.

Care after sun exposure

The member of the COF of Valencia points out that the most important thing is to use cosmetics that repair and hydrate the area. “In addition to the lip balm, there are different recommendations for caring for the lips, such as drinking enough water to keep them hydrated and not sucking or moistening them too much, since saliva evaporates very quickly and favors dryness,” he points out.

And, what are the most suitable assets to hydrate the lips after a day at the beach? “Among the most common ingredients are cocoa butter , which is a good emollient for lip skin,” responds Bertomeu, although it also includes other components on the list such as  shea butter  which acts as a film reinforcing the skin barrier or  dexpanthenol to improve the regeneration and repair of the skin that, together with vitamin E , calms, nourishes and protects the lips.

The scalp, another forgotten area

The photoprotection of the lips together with that of the scalp is the great neglected one during the holidays. This pharmacist remembers that, apart from caps and hats, hair products with solar factor and softening actives should be used to counteract the dryness produced by sea salt and chlorine in the hair .


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