Proof That Psycholinguistics Really Works

Proof That psycolinguistics Really Works

Psycholinguisticsis an interdisciplinary branch of linguistics that explores the relationship between linguistics and psychology. It studies the processes and representations involved in the production and understanding of language acquisition and disorders.Psychology word comes from the Greek language (Greek), which is from the root word psyche meaning soul, spirit, soul and logos meaning science. So, etymologically psychology means the science of life

The success of language learning will depend on the components involved in learning. Therefore the understanding of psycholinguistics is very important in language learning. Through psychology students learn about linguistic material. This can be understood through interdisciplinary processes that occur in students while understanding the language material.

Psycholinguistics is the study of language behavior that does not seem apparent: reception, perception, language acquisition, and language as well as the processes that occur in it. Psycholinguistic teacher understands the processes that occur in students when the students listening, speaking, reading, or writing so that when the ability of language skill problems, rakes can be seen from the standpoint of psychology as an alternative solution.

Psycholinguistics play an important role as it tries to apply psychological knowledge and linguistics issues such as language teaching and learning, teaching beginning reading and reading further, bilingualism and other social problems involving language, such as language and education, language and country and nation building.

The importance of Psycholinguistics in Linguistic Studies

This sub discipline of  Psycholinguistics assess phonological acquisition process, and the acquisition of semantic and syntactic derivation process in early stages. Language acquisition is a process that takes place in the brain of a person’s childhood when he gained his first language or mother tongue. While learning the language associated with the processes that occur at the time for a child to learn a second language, after he obtained his first language.


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