Facts About What Is Language In Linguistics

Facts About What Is Language In Linguistics

The knowledge of language is called linguistics. So what is language in linguistics? The origin of languages and relationship between languages are studied in linguistics. In the world of living creatures, man is the only creature who could express their feelings by words. In the game words the people can control other person.

The standard of good and bad words is depended with men’s own linguistic choices. Through words person can transfer his feelings to another person. So language is an important source to transfer practical experience to the next generation.

Visualization is the process of imagination in human mind. The purpose of words is to share these pictures to others. Words are nothing itself. Only humans give meaning to the words. Each letter is the symbol. And by the combination of symbols the words are made. The process of brain language is just used to share ideas between each other.

In addition, animals like dolphin fish, gorillas, cow, lion, rabbit Chimpanzee, parrot, fish wheel, also give information to express their feelings and work. There is approximately 6909 languages in the world are spoken. The frequency of human voice  ranging from 30 to 1100 HTZ.

The use of a language is essential for the flow of information in which particular words are used.While talking to one, can we use words and language same as the others we do?. You can observe it by talking to yourself.

You must know the Secret of What Is Language In linguistics

Portsmouth University Professor Chris Sinha studied the languages of the tribes living in the wild, north. The people of this tribe had lack of words in the language. They even had not any word for week, month, day, and time. These tribes has been steadily connecting with city, town and villages with the passage of time. More use of words weakens the think ability of brain. If ideas need to be depend on words so they lose their importance.


So we need to use maximum thinking of mind and minimum usage of words should be used. And this process of transmitting should be on the image. This indicates that it is very important that our brain thinks like picture and the function of brain is visualization. If we speak words while talking to ourselves then it may reduce the thinking ability of brain. Word or words are nothing in itself, this is just a specific vibration which human evolve for to recognize the shapes. For example Cow doesn’t know that we call it cow.

Man even said to himself that he is a human. We just understand the specific sound when we have the knowledge of signs attached to them. Such as the words of a foreign language is difficult to understand for us because we are unaware of signs linked to the words of the language. We can explain this with another example

After the evolutionary stages of development, word and languages promotes to succeed. In future many such languages will be ignored when the economy of particular region will decline. And the people of this region’s economy will overwhelm modern society then the words of the local language shall prevail. In the future just that language will be remaining in which innovative sciences research and discoveries will be made possible


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