What is product placement In Films

The product placement , or as it is known in Spanish, product placement , promotion is a technique used in the audiovisual sectorwhere brands and products appear integrated into the action, and the protagonists can interact with them. The family breakfasts of the mythical series of Tele 5 Family Doctor , the bar of Los Hombres de Paco or the cars and watches that James Bond always wears in his films respond to product placement , a marketing technique that has been very widespread in recent times and that responds to the need of producers to seek new sources of financing for a film.

Family doctor breakfasts , example of an aggressive product placement

But this legal and legal activity has encountered many obstacles and complaints over time, since, at least in our country, there has been no clear and concrete legislation on product placement until 2010, with the approval of the Communication Law Audiovisual , which regulates it conveniently.

James Bond films , a great example of product placement

And what does the law say on this subject? Product placement or product placement is allowed as long as it is made for a consideration, whether pecuniary or of any economic type (for example, an assignment of some good or service that has a significant value for production). In addition, a series of requirements must be fulfilled so that its inclusion in any audiovisual project is totally legal:

  • It must clearly inform the viewerto the beginning and the end of the broadcast program containing product placement or product placement .
  • The editorial independence ofthe service provider , that is, of the production companies or audiovisual companies, cannot be interfered with .
  • You cannot make an active call to buythe good or service placed.
  • It is forbidden to include product placementor product placement at special or protected times , such as children, for example.
  • It is prohibited to give excessiveor unjustified prominence to the product in question.


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