Privet. It is a perennial shrub that grows both in full sun and in the shade. It adapts almost seamlessly to all types of soil and is also highly resistant to contamination .

Other names

Henna, Matahombres, Matahombre, Malmadurillo.


Ligustrum, Latin name for this tree . Lucidum, from Latin, means glossy, shiny, alluding to the brilliance of its green leaves .


  • From Asia to North Africa and Europe , except cold areas.


Evergreen tree 4-8 m tall with a rounded, leafy crown. Trunk of bark more or less smooth, greyish, with marked lenticels.


Leaves ovate to oval-lanceolate, coriaceous, 6-12 cm long, acuminate, with a wedge-shaped base, glossy green on the upper side and paler on the underside. Reddish-brown petiole 1-2 cm in length. Limbo with 6-8 pairs of veins.


Flowers in panicles 12-20 cm long, pyramidal. Sub-sessile flowers, with the corolla tube almost as long as the chalice. The two stamens equal in length to the corolla lobes. Blooms in June – July .


Fruit ellipsoid-globose, blue-black color, 8-10 mm in diameter.



In full sun to semi-shade; sometimes also in shady places.


Regular, so that the soil does not dry out excessively.


It is multiplied by seeds and the varieties by grafts . Adaptable to a variety of soils. I cultivate in full sun or in the shade. Supports pruning and trimming very well.


Fresh and well drained; acidic, neutral or alkaline; limestone , medium nutrient level.


Your only requirement for it to flower is to be pruned. This process has to be carried out at least three times a year, mainly in spring , summer and autumn . When you go to carry out this process it is important that you take into account one aspect: try to make the base of the plant wider than the top.

With this you will get the light to better enter each corner of the plant. In addition, you will prevent the plant from suffering in the event that snow is deposited on it. On the other hand, formal pruning allows to achieve a magnificent delimitation effect in gardens , to separate areas or even isolate it from the outside. Also, at the same time, you will get extra protection for the rest of the plants or flowers that are close to this hedge.


It frequently attacks aphids and mealybugs .


Natural fence of Ligustrum vulgare

It supports traffic pollution very well, so it is used in street alignments. Cultivars ‘Aureovariegatum’, with yellow-tinged leaves and ‘Macrophyllum’, with leaves somewhat larger than the type, are frequently used. The Aligustre is very useful in small gardens, and if trimmed it is quite easy to get formal or informal hedges.


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