Prepare yourself to prevent coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the world. More than three thousand people have died in China these days. Thousands more are affected. In many other countries, the disease is reported. No disease has been reported in our country yet. So there is no way to be relaxed. Rather, we should be careful about its outbreak.

If you are horrified with coronavirus, it will not help. It’s important to be careful that most coronavirus cases can be mild and flu-like. It is comforting to know that many of the victims have returned to recovery.

Zhao Jianping, who works on the coronavirus content team, says there are a small number of patients who have come back positive after testing for the first time.

Patients who appear negative on two consecutive tests without visible symptoms are declared coronavirus-free. However, they are asked to re-examine, which may come back positive.

What is your to do According to experts, everyone can follow the following healthy steps to protect themselves:

Stay away from anyone who is infected.

Keep hands clean for all time. Wash hands thoroughly with handwash before returning or after eating.

Tell everyone to cuff, spit, wipe with cold tissue and keep it hidden in front of the mouth while sneezing. Do this yourself.

Tell the family about the disease and its cure.

Do you like traveling a lot? But if you plan to travel at this time, cancel it.

Increase your body’s immunity.

There are millions of people under lockdown in China and the virus has spread across the world. According to Zhao’s recent statement, ‘The most difficult time for the coronavirus outbreak has gone through Hubei. But we need to be vigilant, because if we relax the current system too much, the number of victims may increase. ‘

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