Holding urine, can cause serious harm

In the busyness of work and out on the road, many times the urine velocity is suppressed due to lack of toilet. Which is a terrible loss for health. In the long run, the practice of causing urinary tract infections to cause harm to the body, doctors said. And many people keep urinating because of Alzheimer’s.

According to medical science, the urinary tract of humans is between 100 to 100 ml. Litter may contain urine. Which amounts to about two cups. This bladder has the ability to expand. Whose velocity does not immediately call for any major problem. However, if the velocity becomes a daily practice, the muscles of the urinary tract become weak. The report, published on a health website, revealed a lot of important information in this regard.

Let’s not know that all the damage that can be done by pressing urine –

১. The weakness of the bladder muscle cannot be taken lightly. These weak muscles can cause chaos in the normal flow of urine. It may even lead to urination without your knowledge.

2. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the dire consequences of regular urinary tract infections.

৩. Urinary pressing increases the number of bacteria in the urinary tract. Those who have the disease are more likely to have the disease. In addition, if the habit is not changed, the disease can return.

৪. Have to drink enough water. Otherwise, urinary tract infections may occur.

৫. Symptoms of ‘Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)’ include irritation in urine, change in color of urine, bleeding, pain in the abdomen, and poor odor in urine.

৬. Regular urine velocity may also impair the ability of the bladder to expand. As a result, the bladder does not expand and returns to normal.

৭. A healthy person can urinate four to four times a day. However, the average calculation is six to eight times a day.

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