Foods that will keep teeth and gums healthy

Like every part of the body, teeth and gums need to be taken care of. Because toothache is very painful. Dental treatment is expensive too. Therefore, to wake up in the morning and sleep at night before brushing your teeth.

In addition to keeping teeth clean, flossing and brushing, there are some foods that keep teeth and gums healthy.

The report published on a health website has revealed a lot of important information about how to keep teeth and gums healthy and what foods to eat.

Let’s not know that playing teeth and gums will be healthy-

১. Milk and dairy products keep teeth and gums healthy. These foods are rich in calcium. Milk contains casein which inactivates the alkalinity of the mouth. Cheese milk is another advanced diet that enhances redness in the mouth and keeps mouth and teeth clean. Yogurt’s probiotics protect mouth and dental health.

  1. Copies and fruits should be eaten. These foods are rich in high fiber so they are chewed well. It keeps teeth and gums healthy. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals which keep the body well and increase its immunity.

৩. Raw asparagus keeps teeth and gums good. Many do not like the smell of raw peanuts. Bacterial infections of the mouth are eliminated by playing raw raw peanuts. Helps to keep teeth and gums good.

৪. After eating a meal you have to drink plenty of water. Food particles may stick to the toothpaste and cause bacteria. Drinking enough water removes the particles of these trapped foods and does not cause infection.


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