Positive Impact of Crime on Community Environment

Criminality can be said to be a form of wrong social action , but sometimes someone feels the action taken was not wrong or someone feels guilty but still wants to do it. When viewed from the perspective of the perpetrator and the person who feels threatened by this situation, crime has both positive and negative impacts.

The positive impact is mostly felt by people who do not commit an act in the sense of a crime , while negative impacts are felt by the person who commits the crime and other communities.

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Criminality is an action taken by a person who is deemed to have violated what has become the stipulation in the community and is based on the applicable legal basis. Crime is an action that cannot be justified. There are even sanctions legally and in the social environment .

Crime occurs in society for many reasons. Several factors that cause crime in the sociology of crime study include economic factors, security, science, awareness, and psychological factors.

Positive Impact of Crime

As for some of the positive consequences of crime in society. Among others;

1.   Increase alertness

When you hear a lot of news in an area prone to crime, someone will feel worried about it. This will allow a person to avoid places where such actions may occur.

When you are in a safe place, you will try to prepare yourself for all possible criminal acts.

2.   Be careful

Given that criminal acts can occur anywhere and anytime, so someone will be careful. This attitude is a must have for all of us, so that there are no events that will cause great losses.

3.   Have a desire to improve physical abilities

This physical ability is of course to fight against evil acts that are committed directly in front of us. At least someone can defend himself when in a state of urgency. Better yet, if you can help someone who is in distress.

4.   Improve and tighten legal regulations

Based on all the criminal acts that have occurred, law enforcers can evaluate this. The evaluation is expected to improve social order , the strength of the law and there is no gap for people to commit a violation of the law without punishment.

5.   Solidarity increases

The community will have the initiative to take care of one another. The community will return to carry out patrolling activities in the postkampling and all activities related to community safety.


Cases related to solidarity have increased because of this crime, for example in an area where there are many thieves, the theft is accompanied by violence. Because the community worry continues to run rampant, the village government apparatus encourages all people to carry out mutual cooperation in the form of guarding the patrol every night.

6.   Trying to improve the way of educating children

How to improve can be done through educational institutions from an early age. The meaning of this education is education that is most attached to the mind of a child. This can become a person’s foundation for future activities.

7.   Legal evaluation

There are many criminal acts that ignore the existence of an applicable law. Policy makers in the field of law must be able to find out based on all events that occur. There may be some crimes that are not clear in the law.

8.   Embedding moral values ​​from an early age

Someone who commits a crime is sometimes caused by a person’s inability to understand positive moral values and encourage someone to do good or take actions that do not harm people.

9.   Deterrent effect

Provides a deterrent effect on the person who commits the action or someone who will commit various examples of criminal acts . When someone sees the punishment that must be served when committing a crime, it is hoped that the community will no longer commit acts that harm others.

10.                     Provide learning for others

Learning can be from the side of the person who commits crimes or people who are victims of all criminal acts in society. More and more people are aware that it is hoped that it can reduce all types of crimes that occur.

Well, that was the article that we can describe to all readers regarding the positive impact of community crime along with examples in everyday life. Hopefully it will provide insight for all circles.


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