Portable electric milling machine

Portable Electric Milling Machine is known as a device with an abrasive head that rotates at high speed and is used to make grooves and grooves straight or curved, and to make decorative moldings.

General principles

This machine tool is made up of a precision milling cutter or blade that is incorporated in the lower part of the housing with two handles that support and protect the motor .

The casing of the electric milling machine can be run up and down on two tubular columns supported from the base.

It has two handles or handles with which, by pressing, they make the milling cutter work the wood and a spring returns it to its original position when we stop pressing. It has a metal base that contains all the components, including the dust extractor and the depth gauge. It has a lateral square equipped with sliding guides that make possible the lateral movement of the milling cutter.

The depth gauge supports setting the depth of cut of the tool once it enters the wood .

It also consists of a speed regulator that allows to register the revolutions of the cutter, having a control margin from 0 to 20,000 rpm. Certain models have a dust extractor device to connect the machine to the shop vacuum.


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