BLUETTI EB3A: The quality LiFePo4 portable battery

The BLUETTI EB3A is the power station you have been looking for. I needed a quality LiFePo4 battery, which would give me security and, above all, I have compared the durability of the charge. I go out with the caravan a lot and often work remotely, not forgetting that I have other electrical devices to use. After doing a study between various brands and models, I decided on this one, because it covered all my needs and I have to say that it has met my expectations.

The BLUETTI EB3A is a power station that uses lithium ions and due to its long duration, it is indicated to supply power in environments with high needs. Its life expectancy is longer than others on the market, up to 10 times longer, that is, it can be recharged more times. Another of its characteristics is the security it offers, it does not explode because, unlike others, it works at high temperatures. In this way, it does not affect its operation at times when the heat is significant.

There are many more advantages that the BLUETTI EB3A presents and that made me opt for this LiFePo4 battery. Here are some of them.

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  1. Analysis of the BLUETTI EB3A: with this battery the problems are over
    1. Ergonomic design and lightness
    2. Power and durability of the LiFePo4 battery
    3. Versatility in charging options
    4. Control and monitoring via mobile app
    5. LCD display and additional functions
  2. Experience of use and final conclusions

Analysis of the BLUETTI EB3A: with this battery the problems are over

The fact that it is a ferrous lithium battery (LiFePO4) guarantees greater longevity and, therefore, savings in many aspects. It is precisely the difference with its lithium ion predecessor and the fact that I was looking for this battery. In addition, it remains stable during use and until it is fully discharged. It has a lithium-iron phosphate cathode and its energy density is lower, about 30% compared to lithium-cobalt oxide. As already mentioned, they are safer and less toxic to the environment, which favors their use in emergency systems, electric vehicles, solar energy systems, etc. It is equally appropriate for houses or dwellings that require electricity on a timely basis, thus satisfying a service that until then was not available.

Ergonomic design and lightness

About the packaging, everything is correct. The inner box was protected with an outer box. The one that contained the battery presented a very simple, ergonomic illustration and a good presentation. The station was protected between blocks of foam. The lower one had the space adapted to integrate the cables for recharging. Both the battery came in two plastic bags, to avoid scratches, and the user and warranty manuals.

About the power station itself, it is worth noting its lightness. It is easy to transport due to a notable reduction in weight (around 4.5-5 kg). It has been manufactured with lighter materials and those superfluous elements for its operation have been eliminated. These materials are very resistant, which allows it to be immune to blows. In addition, the upper folding handle allows for greater ease of transport and its silhouette, with rounded edges, provides greater convenience and comfort to avoid physical damage during transport. In summary, making it with less heavy materials, the reduction in volume thanks to its rounded finishes and the selection of strictly necessary ports and connections has allowed its transport and use to be ideal.


It has a power button for the device and the flashlight that it also houses. I have discovered that it has three lighting modes (higher intensity, lower intensity and blinking in case a distress call had to be issued) and it was thanks to the intention of turning it off after testing.

Power and durability of the LiFePo4 battery

If you are one of those who constantly move and do not want your daily activities to be compromised, this is the best option to carry out your usual routine. The storage capacity of the BLUETTI EB3A is 268 Wh and 12Ah, that is, it charges devices without problem in places where there is no electricity. It has a 600 W AC pure sine wave inverter, meaning it is capable of withstanding 1200 W peaks.

In addition, it presents a variety of options to power them : three USB connections, with a type C port and two type A ports (for smartphones or tablets, for example) In addition, it has a DC5521 port, a 12 V cigarette lighter socket and a 15W 5V/3A Qi wireless charger. As if that were not enough, it has circular grounded plugs and a wireless function.


Versatility in charging options

This LiFePO4 battery supports more than 2,500 cycles of use at 80% of its original charge capacity. By the way, it can be recharged in six different ways (AC, solar panels, car, generators, AC+ Solar or AC+ Adapter); the only thing that can vary is the recharging time, and that is also one of the fastest on the market, charging 80% of its capacity in 40 minutes.

The BLUETTI EB3A thus becomes the best option because it guarantees greater battery life and, consequently, economic savings by prolonging the replacement of a new one. Although the recharging of the station varies depending on the power source, the speed in recharging it and, therefore, in continuing to cover your needs makes it continue to add an attraction that until its use it had not been able to appreciate.


Control and monitoring via mobile app

One of the most comfortable things, taking into account its Wireless power supply, is its APP with which you can have control over the battery within a radius of 10 m and that allows you to turn it on or off, update it and monitor the data that throws To start controlling your battery remotely, you have to connect it, via Bluetooth , and pair the model.

Thanks to this app, the ease of handling the battery is increased because it also has other functionalities including vital metrics, energy consumption, the use of solar energy, how the battery is or charge and discharge management , as you can appreciate.

What I have missed is a counter with the recharges, I hope that with the new updates aspects like this will be polished. In real time you can view the energy flow and consult the instruction book for any questions that may arise.

LCD display and additional functions

In addition to the BLUETTI APP, the mobile application, its external image that facilitates transport and prevents damage from shocks, and the flashlight that facilitates movement, in case of no lighting, I liked its LCD screen. It is another means of information, since it shows the load of the device. On its sides you can see the input and output values ​​in watts. I also found it very useful to be able to see the flow of energy in real time . The screen turns off so as not to consume energy when the box is not being handled.

Experience of use and final conclusions

After my experience with the BLUETTI EB3A battery, I can conclude that it is one of the best purchases I have been able to make to continue with my daily tasks without missing the comforts that can be had at home. It combines many elements that make it the best option on the market, based on the exhaustive search I did before purchasing it. Of all, I prefer the combination between power and durationAlthough it is worth noting its storage capacity to charge devices and, above all, the increase in use cycles. But of course, its multiple recharging methods and output voltages cannot be ignored. Finally, all this makes a perfect synergy with its compact, lightweight and easy-to-carry design and its additional functions, such as the BLUETTI APP, the flashlight or its informative LCD screen.

After having taken advantage of all its benefits and features and knowing that I have a power station for a long time , I recommend it without hesitation. In my case it has been for the days when I go on a getaway, but its use is also recommended for other purposes. The best portable battery I’ve tried so far.


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