Bluetti EB55;Best portable power station

Today we need electricity to do almost anything, not having access to electricity or having power outages is a problem that prevents us from performing many common actions for us, such as watching our smartphone charge, using our computer or watching TV among other actions . A solution to have electricity wherever we go is to have a portable power station, today we are going to talk about the Bluetti EB55 , a portable power station that you can take anywhere, with a large battery capacity, power output and many connectors to plug in whatever you need. Do you want to know all the details about this device?

What is a portable power station good for?

A portable power station is used to connect any electrical or electronic equipment to the light, either to recharge the battery of the device itself, as would happen if you connect a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, as well as to power it directly through this central portable electric. Thanks to the large battery that we have inside the power station, we can power a large number of electrical devices for many hours. Logically, depending on the consumption of the different equipment, the battery life will be longer or shorter.

This type of device is really interesting if we want to go camping anywhere and we do not have access to electric light, they are also very useful in case of a blackout in our home, because we can connect any device to it and continue working, or make life normal as if nothing had happened. On many occasions, in the towns of Spain, when there are electrical storms, there are power outages that can last several hours. This is where portable power stations come into play, since we can power any device without having any problem, allowing us to connect our router to have access to the Internet and also our laptop or mobile devices, to keep in touch at all times.

Another type of use that we can give to this type of device is if you want to fly a drone in nature. Thanks to the portable charging stations we can easily recharge the drone batteries, we will not have to carry several drone batteries or low capacity external batteries with us, with this type of device we can spend a whole day flying our drones.

Features of the Bluetti EB55

The main characteristics of the Bluetti EB55 are that it has a capacity of 537Wh inside , with a maximum power of 700W, therefore, we can power a large number of devices simultaneously without worrying about the output power, something very important if we want to simultaneously connect a router, our laptop and several mobile devices, of course, it could also power small appliances, but always attending at the maximum power it supports. This portable power station is really small considering the capacity of its battery, much smaller than its predecessor the AC50S, in addition, its housing is made of polycarbonate and plastic (ABS / PC) so it is a fire-retardant material, it is available in various colors and comes with rubber feet to place it on a flat surface, as well as a carrying handle.

The internal battery of this portable power station is 537Wh lithium iron phosphate, a very stable and durable battery , in fact, the manufacturer guarantees that this battery can last more than 2,500 recharge cycles before the capacity drops below 80%, therefore, we will have a really long useful life.

Other very important characteristics of this new model is that it has two shucko-type plugs for 230V AC current , with up to 700W of continuous power with a pure sine wave inverter, we also have two 12V direct current outputs and up to 10A of current intensity . We also have a power outlet with a USB type C connector of up to 100W , therefore, if our laptop supports this type of connection to the electrical current and complies with the PD 3.0 protocol, we can charge it quickly with our EB55. We will also have at our disposal a total of four USB ports of type A with 5V and 3Aof current intensity, this will allow us to charge our smartphones quickly. Finally, this device is also capable of providing us with wireless charging for our smartphones.

As for recharging the Bluetti EB55, we can recharge it in several ways:

  • Solar energy : we can easily charge this device through a solar station, we will have to buy this solar station separately, although if you already have solar panels that provide an open circuit voltage between 12V and 28V, you can use it. Depending on the power it is capable of providing you, you will have your device charged in about 4 hours. The cable for the plates is included in the box, but not the plates.
  • Car : through the 12V charging port of our car we can charge it easily and quickly, the estimated time is between 3 to 6 hours. The cable is included in the box.
  • AC power adapter : Bluetti incorporates a power adapter to charge it in our house in a socket, if you use this adapter you can have the charging station 100% ready in about 3 and a half hours. This power adapter is included in the box.
  • Solar energy and AC power adapter : finally, this device is capable of charging simultaneously via AC power adapter and also with solar panels, in this case the recharge is accelerated and we will have it ready in about two hours.

As for the dimensions of this device, they are 27.8 cm wide, 19.9 cm deep and 19.8 cm high, the weight is 7.5 Kg, and we must bear in mind that it incorporates a large capacity battery.

Take advantage of Bluetti’s Halloween offers

The Bluetti team has launched important offers to buy a large number of the brand’s products, both the EB55 model as well as other models, including solar panels to recharge these devices. These offers have started on October 28 and will be available until November 4, so we recommend you access the official website of where you will find all the available offers.

Some very interesting offers that we have available are the following:

  • Bluetti EB55 for € 559, with a total of € 100 savings.
  • Bluetti EB55 with a 120W solar panel for € 799, this equipment has a saving of € 200 compared to the normal price.

Other models that we have available in these offers are the AC200P with built-in solar panel, the Bluetti EB240 with solar panel and the EB150 model among many other promotions and offers for a limited time. Another interesting promotion that Bluetti has launched for buyers of some of its products is to upload a photo to Instagram with the user experience and they will participate in a draw for the AC50 model, we will have a total of 20 AC50 teams, so the odds of winning one are pretty high.

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