Mobile gaming vs portable consoles What is better to play?

If you are thinking about your next acquisition and you can’t decide between a mobile gaming and a portable console, keep reading …

First of all, and as an introduction, the differences between a portable console and a gaming mobile are minimal, so the decision will depend on small details, but we give you our point of view.

The controls

Today the biggest advantage that a portable console has are the controls. Depending on the type of games you like, playing with the mobile touch screen has nothing to do with playing with buttons and an analog pad. Now, the type of games in which a few buttons and an analog pad make the difference (we are thinking of shooters or FIFA-like football games), although they have their market in portable consoles, they are mainly desktop or PC console games. So at least in our opinion it is not a great advantage, since we would never buy a Nintendo Switch (for example), to play FIFA. And beware, you can already buy gamepads on mobile to connect to the phone.

Equipment features

Another section in which mobiles have put the batteries, is in the performance of the equipment. Huwawei surprised everyone by announcing that its Huawei mate 20 X was more powerful than the Nintendo Switch at the end of 2018. The truth is that we cannot tell you if it really is more powerful or not, what is clear is that today today the difference in benefits is minimal. In case you want to compare yourself here you can see the best gaming mobiles

The Games Catalog

Long ago, when making this comparison, it was the main argument in favor of portable consoles, maybe not because of volume, but because of quality. But in recent years things have changed a lot, to the point that currently, the mobile offering is infinitely broader than the portable console, with games whose quality has nothing to envy those of the console. It is true that there are great exclusive titles that would more than justify buying a Nintendo Switch, for example. But if what we want is to compare the catalogs, there is no comparison. The mobile catalog is, today, much broader, and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to grow at rates much higher than the console catalog.


Prices have always been an argument in favor of mobiles, and they still are. It is true that it is becoming more and more common to see paid games, and since we are not careful with the freemium versions we end up paying much more than for a console game. But if we stick to the cost of buying a video game, mobile games are still much cheaper, with a tremendous supply of “free” games.

And in case you think that gaming mobiles are very expensive, before we show you the best models, but here you can see some mid-range mobiles , in which you will hardly notice a difference in the vast majority of games (basically less shooters)

Time of life

This argument was used in favor of mobiles, but we believe that it is a mistake. It is true that every console has a life of between 5 and 10 years before being overtaken by a new console. But it is no less true that it is very complicated that a gaming mobile does not require that you change it before 5 years.


Our opinion is that you should decide based on the game catalog, without further ado. Of course, if you are not clear about it, we believe that mobile is better, because there are many more games, most of them free, and of the highest quality.

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