The popular pickle fruit is rice cultivation and its nutritional qualities

One of the most popular fruits of the walnuts. We eat a variety of walks in the city and countryside. Although the dye is used to make the cloth dye which is harmful to us. When cooked, the rice is cooked with vegetables in various positions. Besides, salt and pepper are also consumed. This is one of the fruits that has been produced in the subcontinent. Medium-sized evergreens are grown all over the country. Chittagong Hill Tracts and Sylhet Divisional areas have high prevalence. Drift’s English name is Elephant Apple . The scientific name of the conductor is Dillenia indica .


Rice can be cultivated on almost all soil. It grows quite well in moist and fertile soil. The nature of the soil is slightly acidic. Rice trees are extremely hard to tolerate and live well without care. Temporary drainage does not do much harm to it. Read more Sylhet’s famous satakara cultivation system .


There is no approved rice variety in Bangladesh. Differentiation between cultivated varieties is noticed from which improved varieties are possible.

The nutritional quality of the driver

Calataya involving 100 grams of
protein 0.8 g
carbohydrate 13.4 g
fat, 02 grams
of minerals 0.8 g
Calcium 16 mg
strength of 59 kilokyalori

The medicinal properties of motility

Conductivity is unique in medicinal properties. Kochi operates by controlling the stomach gas. It also acts as cough, rheumatism and gall bladder. Cold juice is regulated by consuming ripe fruit juice with sugar.

At the time of planting

Seedlings should be planted on selected land from May to August.


Generally, seeds are transplanted from seed. The seeds are collected from the mature fruits as soon as possible to sow in the seedbed or polybag. It is possible to speed up the transmission of the drive through Guticolum. For this, pulses should be collected from 5-12 months old. Suitable for Guticollum from July to August. It takes 3-5 months to grow roots. It is suitable for transplanting in 3-5 months from the root pen. Read more Red Lady papaya cultivation .

Flower flower

Making land

Well-educated high and medium high land should be selected. Land should be made in the form of a bed in order to cultivate the land periodically and equalize it with ladders.

The method of planting 

On flat ground, saplings can usually be planted in square or hexagonal systems. The planting method of the plow is to be transplanted in high low land.

Made of mud

Distance should be kept on the tree by 5m x 5m. A hole of 5m x 5m x 5m should be made. 3-20 days before planting the seedlings should be filled with 5-20 kg organic fertilizer, 1 gram TSP and 20 gram mop well. Then it will be soaked with water.
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After 3-5 days of admission of the material, the seedlings should be transplanted directly and kept straight with bamboo poles.

Applying fertilizer

Essentially, the fertilizer given before planting is appropriate. Then, even if you do not apply such a fertilizer. However, in the mature tree, giving the following amount of fertilizer per year will yield good yield.

Dung manure 8-20 kg
urea 5 kg
TSP 3 gram
MOP 5 gram

The above fertilizer should be divided equally into two parts at the beginning of the monsoon and once at the end of the monsoon. The amount of water needed to be applied by applying fertilizer.

Weed suppression

Weeds need to be cleaned regularly around the tree. Weeds are mainly harmful during the drought season. Therefore, in that season, the sprouting around the tree with the spade, the weeds born by hand should be removed.


After collecting the fruit, the diseased and insect stalk should be cut off. In order to give the tree a good shape during sowing, it is necessary to prune branches. Read more Foreign fruit avocado cultivation potential .

Disease and control of insects

The shrimp leaves can eat insects. In addition, fruit pest attacks can occur. If these attacks occur, the Sumethion should be mixed with 2 ml water and spray 2-4 times at a time interval of 3-5 days.

Collecting fruit

The fruit attains maturity when it has a light yellow or pale green color. At that time the fruits have to be collected. Fruits mature from August to October. Injured and insect affected fruit should be kept separate. Good quality fruits should be spread for some time in the sun and stored in dry and cool places in the fall.


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