Some well-known weeds – Durba, Penicam, Green Foxtail, Tailgate


Aus paddy, jute, sugarcane, maize, etc. The grass found on the ground lying on the ground is the most famous durba grass. Durban grass cannot be sustained in permanent waterlogged areas. Its stems are greenish, sometimes reddish. Its stem is about 3 to 5 cm long, smooth and rounded. The floral stem is erect. The wings are spread like fingers around the toes. It bred through seeds, stolons and rhizomes. The root of the durbaghus extends to the shallows of the soil. The rhizomes of this grass can be brought to the surface of the soil by planting it in some depth and drying it in the heat of the sun.

Poor grass

Way to know

The ligule of the leaf is wrapped in a thin white hair follicle that clings to the stem. The part of the nail that is glued to the edge is hairy, like small cuts. The leaves and leaves are all in a greenish color. Read about the second phase of weeding .

Benefits of Durba Grass 

  •  Weak grass reverts to the body’s nervous system. If you have difficulty in urination, durban grass juice mixed with milk and water gives good results.
  • Durban grass is a well-known natural antiseptic. When any place in the body is cut off, the blood stops when the roots of the weak grass are applied to the affected area.
  • If you do not have children, durba and atap rice can be availed by playing with the rice three or four days a week. (Not verified data)
  • According to Ayurvedic blood can be taken out of the blood, through the mouth, nose and other parts of the body. The raw disease is relieved by mixing raw milk with lean grass juice.
  • If the gum is mixed with the juice of pomegranate grass or pomegranate juice of pomegranate, it will be good if you mix it with 3 to 4 tablespoons of pomegranate juice every day for 3 to 5 days.
  • Durban grass juice mixed with 2 to 4 teaspoons of sugar or jaggery to stop nausea, will be cut off very quickly after playing for 1 hour.

Green fox tail

The green shiitaleza kharif is the weed of the season. They are most commonly seen in cereal crops. However, Aus does more damage to the paddy. Its flowers and fruits mature with aus paddy.


From the herd of this weed many cushions are grown together. The stem is erect, about 5 to 6 cm long. Leaves somewhat broad at the base of the leaf and slightly slender and anterior to the front. The foliage is loose, smooth, and has small cuticular structures on the edges. The floral look is like the tail of a fox. The floral structure is somewhat slender at the front. The weeds look like rice. Breeds through the seed.

Green Shewleja

Way to know

Not recognized in the small state. Boyes Hall is recognizable by the floral arrangement. Because its floral structure resembles the tail of a fox. It is called green sialleja because it is green when mature.

Penicam grass

This weed is more visible in the field of sugarcane and maize. However, rice can also be grown in the field. Its height is about 2 to 5 meters. It grows exponentially with the help of clusters or sometimes with small rhizomes, producing the original. The stem is erect, firm, sometimes thick, smooth and slightly hairy in nature. The base of the stem is 5 cm in diameter. Ligules 3 to 5 millimeters long. The sheets are linear, linear, and are about 5 to 7 cm long and 5 to 1.5 cm wide, they are green or light purple.


Way to know

The weeds and legumes are hairy. The spreading kind of floral and upper lemma is crushed.


People who have never heard the name Tulkagra can be found very rarely. Sylhet wetlands of Bangladesh, this weed is found in large quantities. It is an aquatic and semi-aquatic, perennial plant. Its stem extends up to 2-5 meters tall. The stem is very strong, firm, slippery inside and steep. Leaves broad and broad at the apex, thin to look like spears. The leaves are very large, about 25-5 cm long and 3 to 5 mm wide. Learn about mouth grass, finger grass and weeds in the first phase.


The edges of the smooth sheets are crisp. The sheets cover each other very much like leather. Ginger or violet flowers with numerous flowers, erect, branching and spreading flowers about 25 to 5 cm long. This weed bred in a natural way.

Way to know

This weed looks like a tall, sugary tree, but is trapped inside the stem. The wreath is very large, white and has a featherlike appearance that is easily recognizable.


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