How to play Halo 3 with PS4 controller on PC

Playing Halo 3 on Sony consoles might be a far-off dream, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with that PS4 controller. DS4Windows is an easy to use application on Windows that allows you to connect and play with any PS4 controller, including Halo 3.

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to the official DS4Windows website and download the application.
  2. Choose the .zip file and download it.
  3. Once the download is complete, you can unzip the app to any folder you want or launch it directly from the .zip file.
  4. Choose the Launcher and after connecting Dualshock 4, you will see its ID in the Controller tab.
  5. Go to settings and click Driver Configuration.
  6. After installing the drivers, you will be able to see your profile in the application. If the installation is complete, you will see your Dualshock power up. You may also want to check the key bindings as there may be discrepancies here and there. Note that the application must be running in the background for the PS4 controller to work in Halo 3.

So what DS4Windows is doing is running in the background and making Steam believe that what you are using is a PC controller. This is a rather unconventional way to play on PC, but Dualshock is a great gamepad, especially for gamers with smaller hands.

While playing Halo 3 with a PS4 controller on PC is nowhere near playing the 343 Industries franchise on a Sony console, we’ll take that win and move on. Some also comment on how the Dualshock works better with Halo: The Master Chief Collection than with other controllers. It all depends on what gamers prefer the most and if a PS4 gamepad is your “weapon of choice” then you should do the trick.


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