Plastic Pollution

In recent times and even today, there are materials of organic compounds that are impacting the environment , marine resources and aquatic biodiversity, which make life in these natural ecosystems.

Therefore , plastic pollution or pollution is a very alarming global problem; Where to know its causes, consequences and solutions is essential to combat this evil that is destroying natural resources.

In this sense, plastic pollution is that pollution as a result of the accumulation of synthetic materials or polymers of organic compounds; They especially affect the surrounding environment, wildlife and the quality of human life.

Main causes

Thus, the main causes of this problem in the environment are : (absence of environmental education, recycling culture, low cost or durability of plastic, globalization, advertising, irresponsible consumption, generation of solid waste, non-biodegradable products, fishing and unsustainable tourism, among other social, industrial, technological, economic, political and environmental factors. )


Likewise, the consequences of this type of pollution are : (release of chemicals that damage the soil, alteration of water sources in the areas, impact on the skin as a product of the chemical elements in its production, pollution of the oceans by accumulation of plastics , diseases or pathogens, garbage islands, deaths of animals due to poisoning or entanglement, ecological imbalances, food contamination and therefore human health).

For all the above, there are many measures to reduce the consumption of plastic and among the most important to promote are : (environmental information, reduce pollution, comprehensive management of solid waste, responsible consumption, sustainable fishing, ecological tourism, natural products, the use of the 3rd of recycling, the return of plastic containers, biodegradable products, their reduction of use and disposal).

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Likewise, a technology that uses thermal energy by induction by melting polyethylene , plastic wood, not acquiring plastic bottles and cigarettes, avoiding film, glasses, plates, cutlery based on this material, excess wrapping, prioritize Bulk products, cloth diapers, ecological or biodegradable bags , respect the laws that regulate in the matter of plastic, citizen and political commitment, the example with the action and lead a sustainable lifestyle with all natural resources.

In conclusion

The environmental problem with this type of pollution is that it takes many years to decompose . It is also due to the solid waste set of this material that accumulates and generates amounts of impacts on the elements of nature.

Its cause is due to its high consumption and rapid disuse that lasts over time.

Its effects are on the environment, the oceans, the death of diversity of aquatic species, imbalances in nature, and human health.

Finally, to reduce the use of plastics is to stop producing this material definitively, promote organic products, avoid acquiring it or recycling it in all societies.

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