Electromagnetic pollution

All About Electromagnetic Pollution

Another type of environmental pollution, that the majority of the population does not have information about it, but that it is essential to know it for its negative impacts and take preventive measures that allow reducing its effects on the population. Therefore , we will talk to you about everything related to electromagnetic pollution . Of its main characteristics, causes, consequences and solutions to prevent this problem in the environment.

What is Electromagnetic Pollution?

That contamination product of the excess of radiations or electromagnetic fields by electronic equipment and other elements that humanity produces.

What are the characteristics of Electromagnetic Pollution?

  • Pollution not very popular in the world population
  • Modern pollution
  • Also known as electropolution or electrosmog
  • It is present everywhere silently or invisible to the human being
  • Electromagnetic sources primarily generate two forms of energy that are ionizing radiation with photons and non-ionizing radiation.
  • Electromagnetic pollution is divided into high and low frequency radiation
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • It presents both natural and human activity causes
  • Its effects are general
  • Some examples of this are: power lines, television, radio, telephones, radars, antennas, towers, among many electrical appliances and appliances.

What are the Causes of Electromagnetic Pollution?

Among the main natural and human factors that cause this problem are: telephone antennas , high-voltage lines , wlan, wifi and bluetooth connections , radars , radios, televisions and satellites , electrical substations , transformation centers , electronic equipment and other devices , product of man , thunderstorms and x-rays.

What are the consequences of Electromagnetic Pollution?

Its effects are the following: neurological, reproductive , hormonal problems , in the immune system, dermatological, cardiovascular alterations , thermal effects , electrohypersensitivity , headache , cancer or tumors , imbalances in living beings and other impacts.

What are the Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions?

Environmental education in the world population, control and reduce antennas, transformers and high voltage towers, reduce the use of mobile phones, the use of electronic devices in the room, materials that emit radiation such as granite, ceramics, basalt and those They are a source of static electricity such as carpeting, countertops and fabrics.

On the other hand, do not put the phone, laptop, tablet and other devices on the body , do not use electric articulated beds , reduce air conditioning , reduce the mobile in children , be away from sources and avoid living near them , among other preventive measures and responsible with technological devices to reduce the effects of this pollution

In summary, this pollution is the set of different forms of electromagnetic energy on the environment and that due to its exposure or intensity mainly affects human life, biodiversity, ecosystems and other goods.

Definitely, to reduce this contamination, you must observe the environment where you live near communication antennas or electrical towers, reduce the use of the telephone or other technological devices, do not use any device in the bedroom and use technology rationally or consciously .

Electromagnetic Pollution: Pollution pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum on the environment by various electronic devices


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