Personalized magnet: how to use it in your advertising strategy

More and more people are concerned with keeping the place where they live well decorated, making it pleasant, but without giving up the functionality of each item used for that. The personalized magnet enters into this context as an object of extreme utility and that gives an extra charm to environments (such as the kitchen, adorning the refrigerator).

As they can be used for functions other than decorating, such as displaying useful phone numbers in an accessible way or attaching reminders to metal surfaces, they have been increasingly adopted by companies that want to keep their brand present in their customers’ daily lives and , even, by creative people who find new uses for the item, such as birthday party or wedding party favors.

Therefore, if you are thinking of innovating in your products, it is high time to understand how to use this trend in the graphic market. Read on and understand everything you need to know about custom magnets!

How to produce custom magnet?

The custom magnet is produced like any other piece of graphic design and one of the main resources needed for this is a graphic partner open to the adoption of new processes and ideas outside the box.

Magnets can be made in specific formats, using knives, and printed on different types of paper, including photographic, and in different weights.

The process is very simple: the art is printed on an adhesive paper, which is then applied on a flexible magnetized mat. After that, the cut is made according to the chosen format.

What are the best application examples for custom magnets?

The custom magnet can be used for various purposes, both corporate and private. See some of the most common ones in the following topics.

Functional object and decoration

A metallic reminder board has millions of uses both in homes and businesses. It can even serve as a short-term planning tool and, with a little imagination, it can be done with a lot of charm.

Imagine just offering your customer a metallic calendar with days made of colored magnets that can be moved according to the month? And this is just one example of how to use the custom magnet as a useful decoration object.

Souvenirs and gifts

Whether at private or corporate events, it is very common not to keep the souvenir or the gift if it is not useful and creative. In this context, the personalized magnet becomes a differentiated piece, which, for its usefulness and ease of use, can remain in the life of the recipient for years.

Marketing and sales material

Who has never picked up the phone number of their favorite pizzeria on the magnet attached to the refrigerator door that throws the first stone! Often people are not patient enough to search for what they are looking for on the internet or even choose a pizza using apps. It is easier for them to call and even receive suggestions.

In this way, no matter how much the establishment is present in the most diverse means, it will take the lead if it is in a strategic place, as in the customer’s kitchen.

What care should be taken with the material?

If you have a good graphic supplier, you don’t have to worry about that. What you should observe is the quality of the magnetized blanket and its thickness, because the material cannot be too fragile.

Including the personalized magnet in graphic, promotional or personal material projects, is an excellent way to innovate in the way you communicate with the people you want to reach and, in addition, it makes it possible to remain present in their daily lives for a long time.

So, don’t wait any longer to start using the custom magnet in your strategy and contact us right now to find out how we can help you with this task!

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