Store clearance: See which graphic materials can be used

Even with all the popularity of digital media, graphic materials used for store sales are still essential. Failing to invest in these parts is not a good strategy to reduce costs.

Even the investment in them does not have to be very high. There are printers that operate 100% online. This includes the production of the most varied products for tenants and promotional campaigns.

Do you want to offer quality and strategic graphic materials to your customers? Now you will understand why it is worth investing in them and what is the advantage of each one. We also have a list of materials that are “mandatory”, among so many options. Check out!

Understand the importance of graphic materials for store settlement

Why is the print experience so important? There are factors such as the textures of the papers, the image quality or the smell of the new paper. All of this affects people’s senses and perceptions . In addition, the transportation and presence of these materials are advantageous: they do not depend on a cell phone signal or battery, for example.

The public relies heavily on companies that use graphic materials to advertise store liquidation, among others. When you have material with quality layouts and impactful visual identity, people believe more in what is exposed.

Another advantage of print in the communication of stores is the attention paid to the consumer. In the digital world, there is a huge flow of information, which favors distraction.

Discover some great material options

Now, let’s check out which materials are most used and what their importance would be. They are essential pieces for the disclosure of store liquidation.


It is the least expensive and simplest to produce. The pamphlet presents products and prices directly. It is also used to communicate promotions or any special discounts. The message is objective and the company’s contact channels are highlighted.


The folder is a graphic piece with folds. Its function is similar to that of the pamphlet. But the folder works with the information in a deeper way. It is also used in the wider dissemination of a product, as if it were the complement of a catalog.


The product catalog is the most practical and effective way to present the goods to a customer. It is the most important tool for sellers! There, all the company’s products are exhibited, with order and a certain logic. The technical catalog is also important for those dealing with machines or electronic devices.


The poster is a material widely used in communication within the store. In general, it displays current promotions or photos of featured products. The placards or posters are also utilized as decorative items or suggest that the consumption of goods.

Stationary store

There are many items that make up the stationery of companies. The most used are:

  • business cards;
  • envelopes;
  • folders;
  • letterhead;
  • Notepad;
  • notebooks and many others.

These products are essential because they are serious and credible. However, it is important to carefully follow the company’s visual identity .

Learn now how to choose graphic material

But how to choose the right material? To do this, you must conduct research with several suppliers. The internet is an incredible tool for that. One must pay attention to the types of materials, as already mentioned; make a balance of quantities and prices, seeking the best cost-benefit; and be extremely careful with the technical specifications.

Having chosen the materials and models for a part, save this data, check if the printer’s website has information such as the type and file that must be delivered or, otherwise, the format in which it should appear. Some printers have pre-defined patterns, just by choosing the model.

It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But, by keeping an eye on all these details and steps, a company will succeed in its disclosure for store liquidation. As it is easy to see, the printed graphic material provides advantages over digital communication. It is highly sensory and absorbs public attention.

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