Perfectionism is a quality that always demands itself to be a perfect person. We feel that perfectionists can make us better people. But, in fact, perfectionists only bring danger. The more we try to be perfect, the more we feel bad.


Perfectionists will not make us perfect people. Based on the science of psychology, perfectionism has two effects, namely positive effects and negative effects. Perfectionist attitude demands to produce perfect performance without any flaws and makes us never feel satisfied so that we always want to achieve the highest results. In the end, if we cannot realize this, we experience frustration.


A renowned psychologist said, “If we focus more on how to do something than the work itself, then we will face problems”. Perfectionists make someone to have high standards, so that makes us afraid to face failure . We always try to escape from failure, even though failure is an opportunity to continue to improve.


According to the WHA (World Health Association), there are many people who suffer from severe depression and experience anxiety disorders . This is because they cannot meet the high standards created. Of course, I’m sure that fellow readers don’t want to experience this. If we are stressed, we can never achieve our goals, right?


Do perfectionists produce good performance?

Often feel proud when we become a perfectionist, even though there is nothing to be proud of. “What are you lacking?” is a question that is often found in job interviews. Then, we will answer, “I am a perfectionist.” We try to show that our weaknesses are very good.


The culture around accepting perfectionism as a positive thing, but whether this trait can produce good performance ? Not always. The perfectionist nature only puts us at an unrealistic standard and only faces the choice of ‘black or white.’ In fact, this world has many colors.


Stop being a perfectionist.

Giving maximum best effort is different from perfectionism. Do we always correct the words of others? Do we like to find fault with others? This is a characteristic that we have a perfectionist nature.


Perfectionists can be toxic. If we measure everything with perfection, we will experience frustration, self-doubt and fatigue. We will also produce useless things. Perfectionists don’t give their best effort. Perfectionists only put us in trouble because there is nothing that can make us feel satisfied. We always want to produce perfection in everything. We demand ourselves to continue to look perfect and ignore our weaknesses.


Perfectionistis an illusion. We want everything to be perfect. Perfectionists will only damage the happiness, relationships and well-being we have. Why? When we focus on being perfect, we ignore basic needs in life, such as eating and sleeping. We just want to work and work continuously. Perfectionists also make others present demands on us. Everyone demands that we be perfect, so that self-esteem is determined by the achievements that are owned. When not achieving, we feel that we are worthless. Wow, of course this is something that can actually hinder us. If we feel that we are worthless, how can we have the confidence and strength to achieve every dream in life?


So what to do?

– Increase self awareness. We must recognize that perfectionism has both positive and negative advantages.

– Embracing mistakes. We must accept that cannot be a perfect person. Being yourself is a far better thing. Life is all about making progress. So, embrace every mistake we make.

– Trying to stop perfectionism. We must change the nature of perfectionists. Stop analyzing too many things.

– Focusing on personal well-being. Obsession to produce perfection will only make us depressed, not happy. Focus on your well-being.

– Receiving imperfections. Try to make mistakes and don’t need to fix them. This is a therapy that can make us accept imperfections.

– Stop comparing yourself. We must be ourselves and not compare ourselves to others. Comparing ourselves only makes us see the strengths of others and the deficiencies that are in ourselves.

– Have curiosity . When making mistakes, we must try not to attack ourselves. It’s good if we find out valuable lessons learned from these mistakes.

– Be flexible. We must be able to understand things that are realistic and easily achieved by those that are not. Being flexible allows us to make improvements.

– Determine the time required. Determine the time needed to complete a job.

– Striving to give the best, not the perfect. Celebrating the small achievements that have been made are a way to appreciate the progress made. This indicates that we appreciate the best effort given


by Abdullah Sam
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