Hello fellow Career Advice readers, work is a battlefield that we must face every day. Come to the office and produce a great job means we have completed half of the war. To win the war, we must produce more than expected. Of course, to get success in the work that is owned, we do not just come and finish the existing work. There are many other things to do. We must be able to give a good impression to everyone and show leadership. Well, this time, we will discuss the 9 secrets of success having a great career. What must be done so that we get success in careers?

1. Make an impact.

Whatever work and position we have, make sure that the work has an impact on the lives of others. We must ensure that the work provides meaningful things for others. If you work as a sales staff, there is nothing wrong if we ask about customer needs and provide friendly service. That way, customers will feel helped by our presence. When we are able to make an impact, we not only help others, but we will also find satisfaction. Our goal is to get money or other awards, but if we are able to have a greater impact, we will get greater satisfaction too.

2. Do not limit yourself to the opportunities that exist.

One of the keys to success that often feels frightening is opening up to every opportunity that exists . What work do we have at the moment? Are there new opportunities that can enhance our careers? For example, as members of a team that have good performance, we are offered to be responsible for larger projects. This is a good opportunity that should not be missed. New opportunities will provide new experiences needed in a career. 

3. Become a leader.

If you want to be successful, you must be able to become a leader . We don’t need to worry if we don’t have a degree. That doesn’t mean we can’t lead. We can still lead in other ways. How to? Make sure that we always share ideas and views held at each meeting. The input or case studies that we submit can be impressive to the leaders of the company. In addition, this also shows our expertise and sincerity in the work they have.

4. Become a role model.

Who do your fellow readers admire? We certainly have someone who is admired. Someone who always makes us want to have knowledge, skills and even the same nature with him. 
Well, to get success, we must become the role model. We must strive to be someone who can motivate and inspire others. Each of our actions will be easily highlighted by others. So, make sure that we have positive behaviors that motivate others to produce positive behaviors as well. 

5. Respect and respect others.

We must treat others with respect. This is an important thing that is almost fading. If you treat other people arbitrarily, it means we are closing ourselves off to success. Why? Because respecting and respecting others is a basic principle of life that should not be ignored. 

6. Act, not just say.

One important thing that must not be forgotten is acting. Actions are concrete evidence that can be trusted rather than words. We don’t need to tell others how to increase sales, cut operational costs or even how we start a business. Show it all through actions that can be real evidence for everyone.

7. Celebrate the success of coworkers.

The success of others is not something that should impede our journey. For this reason, we must always be open to ideas, efforts and even successful achievements of other colleagues. Being kind to the achievements made by others is one of the attitudes that can enhance collaboration and morale in a team. Whatever our current position, make sure that we do not close ourselves to the success of other partners, fellow readers. Give praise for these achievements and show positive body language. Let this achievement be a trigger for us to try even harder and also produce an achievement.

8. Networking 

We must have the ability to network, find new connections and strengthen existing relationships. This ability is an ability that is very necessary for career success. By expanding our network, it means that we open ourselves to new business opportunities. Attending a networking event might make us feel uncomfortable. We must meet new people, introduce ourselves and establish communication. This requires confidence and good communication skills. When we are able to get out of our comfort zone, we can achieve the desired success.
So, don’t be afraid to network, especially with new people, fellow readers. Find great people and have time to listen to how they have had success in life. If possible, we can build great conversations with these people. That way, we can learn about many things and have wider business opportunities. 

9. Don’t let others determine our way of life.

In the career path taken, there will be people who feel jealous and jealous of the progress we have made. They might try to bring us down, but don’t let the words or opinions they affect us in the slightest. Let us still have a good relationship with them. Even though we may have different ways of thinking and ways of working, we should not confuse work with personal feelings. We must focus on work and produce great things that can add more value to the organization.
by Abdullah Sam
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