Hello fellow Career Advice readers, as we know, the world of work has changed. Progress is the need of every individual. Progress is realized from a change. It is this change that requires every worker to have new skills.


The future is an uncertain situation. We do not know clearly what will happen. For this reason, we need to adjust ourselves to stay afloat in this highly developed era. One important factor that can support our success is the adjustment to technological progress. The creation of artificial intelligence and automation machines requires us to continue to be creative, have good interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. If not, we will be replaced by machines, applications and other computerized matters. That way, we will lose our jobs, but that can all be changed. We can prepare ourselves from an early age, such as starting to invest in ourselves so we can survive in the future. Based on experts, here are 6 predictions about the future work environment. That way, we can prepare ourselves to deal with the situation and arm ourselves with the things that are needed.


1. Routines carried out by robots.

There will be a time when some human skills are no longer needed. Artificial intelligence like a robot will take over tasks that are routine. If the work done at this time consists of repetitive tasks, then we have an insecure position. In addition, it was alleged that cars and buses would appear that did not require drivers and automatic fueling machines. Can you imagine how many drivers and workers at the refueling station will become unemployed?


We can never prevent the presence of innovation. The only thing that can be done is to change and adapt to the conditions of the work environment in the future. We have to be really good at today’s work. If needed, we must master the technological skills needed in the future.


2. A certificate is no longer needed.

Degree is no longer the only capital that can make us successful. The development of the times requires us to have broader insights than those learned in formal education. To become someone who is irreplaceable, we must be able to do things that add more value to ourselves.


Success requires two things: skills and self-characteristics. Make sure that we have more knowledge and abilities than expected. When we are able to produce good and efficient performance, we will be calculated. We become someone who is irreplaceable. In addition to having expertise in certain fields, we must also ensure that we have good personal characteristics. Positive self characteristics will make us display positive things. That way, we will appear as someone who is smart and has a good personality. This will be the attraction that makes us liked by employers. So, we must be someone who has different values ​​that make it difficult for companies to find our replacement.


3. The machines will control the work environment.

It can be seen that several companies have replaced workers with artificial intelligence, such as robots and other automation machines. However, this automation machine cannot present emotionally related things like those of humans.


Emotional intelligence has a very important role. Emotional intelligence enables us to be someone who has responsibility, empathy, self-awareness and the ability to listen. Emotional intelligence also helps us to work together with teams and motivate each other. This emotional intelligence is needed when dealing with customers and other colleagues. Of course, the more sophisticated the times, the greater the demands for emotional intelligence. If we are not emotionally intelligent, we will be excluded but our fellow readers need not worry. We still have time to improve. From now on, we have to get used to interacting and interacting with others in order to train, increase emotional intelligence and not be replaced by automation machines.


4. The work environment requires us to think critically.

In the coming era, the work environment needs people who are able to think critically. Critical thinking means we have high curiosity, are patient in facing confusing things, have deep contemplation, do not take action in a hurry and have honesty.


Critical thinking enables us to be able to create, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information that is received actively and attentively. People who think critically are creative and innovative people. We will provide more value and create more efficient production systems. This is a great asset that can make us far superior to others.


5. Collaboration through the virtual world.

Later, we don’t have to come to the office every day. We will work through the virtual world. Collaboration conducted virtually becomes a new trend that will be run by every company. For this reason, skills are needed in using virtual communication tools and resources .


At present, several companies have implemented work systems from home. Every employee can work anywhere and connect through the company’s website without having to come to the office. That way, later this style will become a trend. It is very necessary to prepare ourselves from now so that we are familiar with the virtual work system.


6. Digital literacy is very important.

There are many media and platforms that appear in the middle of our lives. These media and platforms continue to evolve with the times because customer demands are also constantly changing. This requires us to be able to make changes quickly and significantly.


Communication in business has also changed. Now, the business world uses many types of digital form in serving customers, ranging from text conversations, application chat rooms, videos, file sharing and even screen sharing via email and telephone communication. How much do we master that? Do we still have difficulties in using that technology? In the next few years, it can be said that all will use digital systems that require us to be able to master the technology needed. If we don’t have the ability to use the technology needed, we won’t be able to survive.


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