Peñamellera cheese

Peñamellera cheese. Peñamellera cheese is a type of cheese made in the autonomous community of the Principality of Asturias , in Spain .


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Cow’s milk is used , although there are certain artisans who also add goat’s or sheep’s , to provide it with a more marked flavor. The milk is heated to around 30ºC, adding rennet to produce coagulation. Once it is produced, the dough is cut and discarded, then poured into molds and salted. The cheeses are left to dry on hazel sticks , which causes grids to appear on their bark. When the bark reaches a yellowish color, the appropriate ripening point has been reached, which usually occurs after about 10 or 15 days.


The pieces are small, about 10 centimeters in diameter and about 4 in height. They have a compact, yellowish color, with a somewhat strong, slightly acidic flavor, even with slight bitter reminiscences. The texture in the mouth is soft in the soft cheese, and firmer in the semi-cured, somewhat crumbly, chewy, slightly gummy (floury), somewhat sticky the semi-cured, of medium graininess, low humidity (somewhat dry) in the semi-cured, low-fat Something creamy, something melting soft and nothing semi-cured, and something soluble.

Production area

It is made mainly in the council of Peñamellera Alta , although it is also found in Peñamellera Baja


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