Oscos cheese

Oscos cheese . Oscos cheese is a cow ‘s milk cheese made in the autonomous community of the Principality of Asturias , in Spain .


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This cheese is made from cow’s milk which is mixed with dairy ferments . It is mixed with industrial rennet and allowed to curdle at a temperature of 34ºC. After being at this temperature for about forty minutes, it is cut and left in molds to lose the whey . The cheese is finally pressed for two hours and after this it is put in brine for 24 hours. After all this process, it is left to mature for 8 days and is ready for consumption.


It is a large size fatty cheese. The inner part is yellowish white and the outer part is yellow. Its presentation can be in a bar, sliced, baby class or round.


This cheese, made since medieval times in Villanueva de Oscos , as confirmed by various documents from the Benedictine Monastery of Villanueva de Oscos , which manages to maintain its production thanks to the determination of some artisans and an industry in the area, Monteverde Dairy Industries , which, following the steps of traditional production, they recover a product that had disappeared.

Production area

Alto Navia y los Oscos , western Asturias , in the Council of Grandas de Salime and Villanueva de Oscos


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