Parts of the School Album

The school album is a memory book made by school students. They can make an album by sections or degrees. The attendance of the album will depend on the elements you have to capture.


The school album tends to be confused with the school yearbook. Its difference is that the school yearbook is held at the end of the school year, as an event to remember the best moments of that year, in addition to serving as a set of memories for when they finish their school year, that is, when they have to leave the school to enter high school or university.

To achieve a school album, all the activities of the educational center must be recorded, in terms of content, dates and photographs. The album consists of double blank sheets, which facilitate writing, pasting photographs and drawing.

In any area you can find photo album, collage, digital album and mini album. All of them allow the imagination of those who carry them out to be used.


  • 1What are the parts of a School Album?
    • 1Cover
    • 2The Index
    • 3Anecdotes
    • 4Photographs
    • 5Work done
    • 6Dedication
    • 7The signatures
    • 8Farewell
  • 2Techniques for making a school album

What are the parts of a School Album?

The school album can be done individually, in groups or by course section.

Cover page

The cover is the part where the album type is released. The name of the album, the group or the educational center must be placed on the cover.

The cover lends itself to highlight and attract the public through decorations, in which case it will be other students.

The index

The index of the school album as of any didactic material seeks to identify and list the pages with the subject of the content that will be found in it.


These relate the funniest memories during the school semester. To make a better portrait of it, students must classify a certain number of the best anecdotes.



Illustrations, drawings and photographs are the funniest part of the school album. Well without having to describe it, students know what it is about. However, it is recommended that photographs be affixed with a caption , indicating the place, date and who is in it. This serves so that anyone who sees the photograph can immediately identify it.

The photographs placed in the school album are a compilation of images of all the activities carried out. These can be walks, trips, contests, reunions, family gatherings, class time, exam or sport.

Work done

Parts of the most relevant or creative work that the student has done can be integrated into the school album. This as a way of remembering not only the good rating that was obtained, but also the results that are obtained by being applied individuals.


The dedication is the space where classmates or teachers write a comment about you. These are usually consoling and parting words. For example: “José, you were an excellent student and a good companion, always punctual in your tasks. I hope to see you again next year. ”

The signatures

When making the school album, you can decide to include the signatures, names or nicknames of the closest classmates. This part serves to remind the owner of the school album of her best friends.


Farewell words are a way to capture what will be missed from the educational center and what was learned during the semester or school year, if it is a school yearbook.

Techniques for making a school album

  • Choose bold colors.
  • Have good spelling.
  • Pre-select and select the best photographs.
  • Make good use of the spaces on the blank sheets.
  • Do not overload the content sheets.
  • Punctuate each content.
  • Do not mistreat or dirty the leaves.


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