Overcome Work Tiredness with These 12 Easy Tips

Office workers often feel tired from work, especially during meetings for long hours and overshadowed by deadlines . Not only physically depleted, mental health can also be a victim.

Unfortunately, there are still many employees who underestimate work fatigue. In fact, if left unchecked, the impact is very bad for health. To fix this, try to get to know these tips!

12 tips for overcoming work fatigue

Apart from meetings, deadlines , and various other office activities, there are still many factors that can cause work fatigue, such as stress, lack of sleep, diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle.If not treated, it is not impossible that the body will drop and fall ill. To overcome work fatigue, let’s get to know a series of tips below.

1. Eat regularly

Do you feel tired from work? It could be that your diet is unhealthy and irregular. Keep in mind, eating regularly can provide enough energy for you to work so that fatigue can be avoided.Try to eat more regularly, of course, with healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can also eat healthy snacks every 3-4 hours. That way, feeling tired from work will gradually be cured.

2. Get plenty of movement and exercise

Tired work can be overcome with regular exercise!

Try introspection, did you just sit and stare at the computer screen while in the office? Be careful, this habit can make your eyes tired and a feeling of fatigue at work even more dominate.Walk for 15 minutes every day can provide enough energy for you, so that work becomes more productive. Get used to exercise regularly, no need for high intensity. You can do yoga, jogging , to cycling.

3. Keep your weight

If you have a scale at home, try checking your weight regularly. Excess weight (obesity) can make the body feel more tired, especially with the myriad of activities at the office.In addition, being overweight can put extra stress on the heart, so it’s no wonder that fatigue continues to haunt you.If you are overweight, try eating less and actively exercising. If the ideal body weight is reached, the body will feel more energetic.

4. Try a power nap

For those of you who like to feel tired and sleepy at work, just try it power napTo do this, you just have to put your head on the table and close your eyes.

The power nap lasts about 15-30 minutes only, you can use the break to do it. Don’t forget to turn on the alarm so you don’t go too far.Power naps are believed to provide extra energy for the body to carry out activities all day long.

5. Do not work in dark places

Tired of work tends to make you sleepy and want to sleep. This could be caused by a dark workspace and minimal lighting.Open a window and let the sun shine through your workspace. Experts believe that sunlight can increase focus and energy.

6. Wash your face with cold water

Washing your face with cold water is believed to get rid of drowsiness and fatigue at work, you know .When you feel tired, try to go to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water. This is believed to provide energy to the body instantly.After that, try to go outside and get some cool air. When the air hits a wet face, it is believed that our alertness and focus can increase.

7. Stay active and productive

Tired work and sleepiness at the office can occur when you are feeling lost or doing nothing. In fact, if you are not productive, then your body can feel more tired than usual.Try to do other work, for example helping a colleague to complete their work.

8. Sleep regularly

The most common cause of work tiredness is lack of sleep at night. In fact, adequate and quality sleep hours can provide more energy when working during the day.According to The Royal College Psychiatrists, sleeping and waking up at the same time regularly can help you get more energy to carry out your daily activities.

9. Avoid stress

Avoid stress in order to survive feeling tired from work!

Job stress is difficult to avoid, especially when the mind is struggling to find a solution. However, do not let you stress too much because this can drain your physical and mental energy so that feeling tired from work appears.Try exercising more regularly (yoga or tai chi), reading your favorite book, or socializing with close friends. This can reduce stress and make you more energized.

10. Reduce consumption of caffeine

Caffeine is a loyal friend of workers who are working overtime. But be careful, it turns out that caffeine can also make you feel more tired.According to The Royal College Psychiatrists, try to avoid caffeine for 3 weeks to see results. If indeed you feel more energized, then start reducing the levels of caffeine you consume.

11. Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcoholbefore bedtime will interfere with the quality of your rest hours at night. Because, drinking alcohol before bed will make you wake up feeling tired.Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible so that the body’s energy remains optimal in carrying out daily activities.

12. Drink water more regularly

Sometimes, feeling tired from work can be caused by dehydration. This condition occurs due to the body lack of fluids.try to drink water more regularlyto keep the body hydrated. That way, feeling tired from work can be overcome.a

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