OTW cards in FIFA FUT: everything you need to know

If you’re already hooked on FIFA’s most addictive mode, Ultimate Team , you may have come across some colorful cards that have caught your eye. They are the One To Watch, or OTW cards, special cards that appear once in the season and that hide a very interesting quality.

What are OTW cards?

One to Watch cards are special cards that bet on a player who could be very important throughout the season. It does not necessarily have to be a young promise, they are simply active promises that could skyrocket your performance throughout the season.

These cards are characterized by offering a striking purple and yellow decoration that will stand out from the rest, and although they offer the same score as the original card, in reality, they are more interesting, since they can improve over time if the player’s performance progresses to throughout the season.

For example, one of the cards is Gareth Bale. The Welshman arrives at Tottenham willing to redeem himself after his ordeal in Madrid, so he is possibly a player to take into account, hence he has been chosen as OTW. Bale’s normal card has a score of 83,

How is it updated?

You do not have to do anything. If the player receives a new upgrade card or enters the team of the week with the highest score, the OTW card will automatically update to the new score. That is the advantage of these cards, which will improve over time if the player improves his performance.

Can they lower their score?

The score will never drop. If the player’s value goes up, the figure will increase, but it can never go down to the previous scores from which the card originally started.

What are the OTW cards available?

As of today, the players who have One To Watch cards in FIFA 21 are the following:

Player Punctuation League Position country
88 The league DC Uruguay
85 Premier League DC Germany
85 Premier League MCO Morocco
84 Premier League LI Brazil
84 Premier League MC Ghana
83 Premier League ED Welsh
83 The league MCO Norway
83 Premier League MC Brazil
83 A series MD Morocco
79 Would be A DC Nigeria
79 Premier League DCM Holland

How do you get OTW cards?

These cards appear in a limited way in special packs, but you can also find them in the market at a much higher price than the normal card. There are also template challenges with which you can complete some challenges and win OTW cards, but only a few are available.

Due to their limited circulation, they tend to become an object of desire in the market, so their prices could skyrocket when you least expect it.


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