FIFA 22: How to get FIFA Points in FUT

We will tell you how the virtual premium currency of FIFA 22 works, the FIFA Points, its prices in the store and how much the packs that we can buy with it cost.

Daniel González ·13:07 10/4/2021


  1. How to get FIFA Points?
  2. Prices of FIFA Points
  3. Prices of the envelopes
  4. Caution with scams and hacks

The FIFA Points are one of the two currencies available in the Ultimate Team for FIFA 22 . This is a premium virtual currency that is used exclusively to buy envelopes or exchange them in exchange for participations in FUT Draft, for example. Here’s how to get FIFA Points and everything you need to know about them .

How to get FIFA Points?


FIFA Points currency can only be obtained by paying real money , unlike FUT coins . There are several methods to get FIFA Points, they are the following:

  • Direct purchase in the store:you can buy them in the virtual store of the game itself.
  • From the platform store:depending on where you play you can also buy them in the stores of each support; Origin , Microsoft Store, or PlayStation Store .
  • Trusted distributors:finally, you can also buy physical cards or online codes to redeem in exchange for FIFA Points, available in specialized stores (check here for trusted distributors ).

FIFA Points prices

Below we show you the official prices of the FIFA Points in the stores, keep in mind that they are the prices of the currency for Spanish territory (with euro currency):

  • 100 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 250 FIFA Points:49 euros.
  • 500 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 750 FIFA Points:49 euros.
  • 1050 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 1,600 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 2,200 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 4,600 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 12,000 FIFA Points:99 euros.

Discounted prices for EA Play

Users who are subscribed to the Electronic Arts EA Play service with their account will be able to enjoy a 10% discount on all FIFA Points prices. In this way the official prices are as follows:

  • 100 FIFA Points:89 euros.
  • 250 FIFA Points:24 euros.
  • 500 FIFA Points:49 euros.
  • 750 FIFA Points:74 euros.
  • 1050 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 1,600 FIFA Points:49 euros.
  • 2,200 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 4,600 FIFA Points:99 euros.
  • 12,000 FIFA Points:99 euros.

Envelope prices

The prices of the packs through FIFA Points are as follows:

  • Silver envelope:50 FIFA Points
  • Premium Silver Pack:75 FIFA Points
  • Over Gold:100 FIFA Points
  • Premium Gold Pack:150 FIFA Points

Caution with scams and hacks

As with other titles that include micropayments, we want to dedicate a little space to warn you to be very careful with possible hacks . We repeat that the only way to get FIFA Points in FIFA 22 is by paying real money. There is no way to get this free coin . Therefore keep in mind that:

  • Be very careful with possiblehacking scams on the net.
  • Do not take unnecessary risks and be careful with whom you share yourpersonal data .
  • If it is not through the game store or trusted distributors, do not buy FIFA Points or rely on supposed offersof the same that you see online.
  • If someone, be it a person, web or application, offers FIFA Points cheaperthan their official price, and it is not through a special and official EA Sports promotion, it is better not to take risks and distrust its veracity.
  • In cases of fraud, fraudulent use of your account and / or credit cardcan be made and you may be involved in legal problems, you are the final responsible for your actions, be very careful.

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