One more year, Christmas. Their nougats and polvorones, seeing relatives after a whole year and, of course, the gifts. Do you want to choose a scarf, a book or a perfume again, or do we better look for ways to surprise your family together? If you opt for the second … we help you with different original ways to give a gift at Christmas .

We are more than used to giving and receiving gifts. There are several times that society has marked as ‘Gift time’: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s and, above all, Christmas. Both the arrival of Santa Claus and that of the Three Kings are two of the most special moments of this time. With their magic, they make the little ones happy, but also the older ones because, without a doubt, this is the time where adults relive the illusion of when we were children.

And although it is a celebration marked by the material, we can make it as special as we propose without needing too much budget because, many times, the immaterial is the beautiful, the emotional and what your family and friends will always remember, much more than the gift. per se. Take paper and pen to write down because you are going to love all our proposals!


  • Ideas to put the gifts of Santa Claus
    • From Lapland to your house
    • Mysterious packages
    • Create original shapes with your gifts
    • Other simpler ideas to leave Santa’s gifts
  • How to put the gifts of Kings
    • A letter from the Far East
    • An unexpected call
    • A “magical” presentation
    • Other simpler ideas to place the gifts of Kings

Ideas to put the gifts of Santa Claus

One of the customs present in most families during Christmas is the arrival of Santa Claus or Santa Claus. The night of December 24 becomes a magical moment for children, but also for adults. Who does not like receiving gifts?

Surely the story of you sounds, while you are on the Christmas Eve table or in the wake of Christmas Day, you hear a noise and someone says: ‘What was that? Santa Claus!!’. You all run towards the Christmas tree or the fireplace, where each one or several gifts await. Emotional and exciting, yes; but every year the same. For this reason, we want you to be able to do something different this year and surprise your friends and family. We leave you a few ideas that will surely be useful to you.

From Lapland to your house

The time has come to do something different, that this year you will be the one to propose an original idea to turn the arrival of Santa Claus into something different . If possible, find yourself a single ally and don’t tell anyone else, and follow these steps to get Santa Claus himself to your home this year.

  1. Organize an invisible friend . This will ensure that no one is left without their respective gift. Several days before, distribute to each family member a paper with the name of the person to whom they should give this year. Establish a budget and, above all, keep secret who your gift is.
  2. Buy a Santa Claus costume . It is not very expensive and you can use it every year as a true tradition. Add a thick white beard, small round toy glasses, red gloves, and various cushions in the gut.
  3. Buy a big red coat . When each family member arrives at the house where the dinner will be held, they will deposit their gift in it. Thus, no one can see who has given whom, but all the gifts will remain together. Tip: do not see the little ones in the house.
  4. Santa Claus enters the door . Disguise yourself, take the bag and make your appearance in a surprising way. Seat each family member on your knees and distribute the gifts one by one. Don’t forget to change your voice so that the little ones don’t recognize you.

Ideally, you should keep the Santa Claus costume so that each year a different person puts it on . Logically, the parents of the little ones will not be able to do it so that they do not miss them. Although surely they are so excited about the arrival that they will not even remember their parents. If they ask, have a type plan: ‘Juanito is in the bathroom’ or something similar.

With this original way of delivering Christmas gifts, you will get your relatives to open their gift with great emotion while Santa Claus does everything possible to deliver them in a fun way, telling jokes or even marking a dance.

A tip: dim light and Christmas background music will help create the magic of an incredible moment that you will never forget. And most importantly: beware of the beard pulls of the little ones. We do not want to be discovered, hold it well with a special double-sided tape.

Mysterious packages

If it seems to you something complicated that Santa Claus can go to your house this year, there are many more ways to do something special during that night. On this occasion, we will focus on how to turn gifts into something different so that this year you can surprise all your relatives. Here are several ideas:

    1. Wrap the packages multiple times. Buy triple the wrapping paper than previous years and some boxes. Wrap each gift several times or, if it is something small, put it in a box and that, in turn, in others. Thus, the person who is going to open it will think that he will never see his surprise . It can be stressful, but it sure surprises and amuses you.
    2. Leave the presents open. A funny option is to make your family members find all of their already opened gifts, without paper wrapping them, and even arranged in a way that simulates that someone has used them . An example: if you are going to give a book as a gift, leave it on the living room table with a bookmark and next to a candle and a cup of coffee. Although it seems anti-Christmas, it will be something that will undoubtedly leave all the guests speechless.
    3. Clues game . The well-known ‘Treasure Hunt’ is one of the most common ways to have fun with family or friends, why not use it at Christmas?

Create original shapes with your gifts

As we have been saying throughout this post, on many occasions, the important thing is not the gift itself but the way in which you deliver it. This is accentuated even more if the gift you have bought is something recurring every Christmas, such as perfume, underwear or money. Therefore, it seems essential to us that you know ideas of original ways to give your gifts. There are many ways and thousands of videos on the Internet, but here are some!

Socks or underwear are one of the most versatile gifts when it comes to presenting them with original shapes. Roll them up on themselves so that they are open at one end to arrange them in a bouquet simulating that they are flowers. In this video we leave you another interesting option to make your socks look like ice cream cones .

Another simple gift to present in different forms is money . For one of its multiple shapes, you will only need small green towels and fold them as long as possible. Take your tickets and, as you roll the towel, you introduce the money. In this way, your gift will find several green towels , but you will not see that between its folds there are bills . Decorate them with a red bow to make it look a little more Christmassy.

You can also present your gifts in the form of a cake . If your gift is a child or an adult who loves school supplies , you can buy boxes of markers and paints, scissors and cardboard, and arrange them around a cork base in the shape of a cake. Thus, even if you have given him something quite habitual, the way in which he will find it will be surprising.

Other simpler ideas to leave Santa’s gifts

  • Opt for jokes. Santa Claus has always been characterized by being quite nice, so why not spend some jokes on his gifts? An idea that can be funny (especially for you) is to wrap food that your friends and family hate. Imagine your face when they think that is their gift! Of course, after opening the prank gift, you can give them the real one.
  • Create cute faces on packages. Another option for your packages to bear Santa’s signature is to buy cardstock, markers, and other items to create faces on the wrapping paper. Use characteristic aspects of your relatives so that each one can identify what their package is without having to put the name. For example, if your father has a mustache, put it on the face of his gift.
  • Give a clue. To continue the good humor of Santa Claus, you can play with the cunning of your gifts and offer clues instead of the gift itself. This option is different from the well-known ‘Treasure Hunt’ because you do not have to walk the street or the city, but, through a single track, you must guess what your gift is. We leave you some examples: if you are going to give a trip, give him a world ball; if it is a pass to a spa, a bathrobe; and, if it is some clothing, a few hangers. Accompany the package with a note of the type: ‘Are you able to guess your gift with this clue?’

How to put the gifts of Kings

The other most special moment of each Christmas is, without a doubt, the arrival of the Three Kings from the East. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar enter the houses to leave the gifts to all those children, and not so children, who have behaved well throughout the year.

Once again and in the same way that happens with Santa Claus, the routine of that night is usually the same from year to year. And although it is something that surely represents a tradition in your family, we want to give you a series of ideas to place the gifts of Kings in a different way this year and, why not?, That all adults get excited again with ‘Los Magos’ .

A letter from the Far East

An original and fun idea for children is to prepare a letter written by “the Three Wise Men” . Sign it for them and include anecdotes that have happened to young and old during the year, good and bad behaviors they have had, and encourage them to continue being good people in the year that has just begun.

Make the Kings show the pride they feel for all of them. That will make the moment of opening the gifts something super emotional. Everyone will feel very special when they tell you of the good deeds they have done during the year.

Reading the letter with the family before entering the room of the house where the gifts are will be very nice. If you still want to make it more emotional, you can dedicate a personalized song   to your partner, your parents or other family members telling them how important they are to you. Thus, in addition to receiving a material gift, you will give them an experience that they will never forget.

An unexpected call

In the same way that with the letter, you can have the Three Kings call one of your relatives. Without a doubt, this is an option designed for the smallest of the house, who will be the most shocked and without believing that a King has called them. Follow the following steps so that everything is perfect:

  1. Talk to a family member or friend and tell them what you want to do.
  2. Ask him to practice a different voice and to call your mobile from a hidden number.
  3. Set a day and an hour to make sure you will be with the boy or girl who is the protagonist of the story. You can choose to do it before Three Kings Day, so it will be even more expectant.
  4. At the time of the call , the “Magician King” will ask the boy if he has behaved well, if he expects to bring him all the gifts he has asked for and who is his favorite king.

When the boy or girl hears the voice of “a Magician King” two options are opened: that he be so shocked that words do not come out or that he is filled with emotion and speaks non-stop. In either case, what is clear is that you can hardly believe that you have spoken to a Magician on the phone and will be looking forward to the return to school to tell all your classmates.

A “magical” presentation

Based on the idea of ​​Santa’s visit, the Three Kings can also come to your living room. Although it seems more complicated because you need three people who are not present at the time, it is not. Everything solved with a few purchases in a bazaar or store type ‘Everything to 100’ and some imagination.

First of all, you must buy accessories from the Magician King . Go to a bazaar and get balloons, eye stickers, crowns and beards. Then, assemble the figures of the Three Kings in the room . Take several pillows, put them on three chairs vertically and place layers of costumes you have at home on top. They can even serve old blankets if you later decorate them with golden tones. Place, as a head, the balloons with their eyes, beards and crowns.

If you can, try to convince someone to help you and dress up as one of the Magi. So even if the other two are homemade, there will be a ‘real’ one and it will be much more fun.

Of course this option is not as realistic as that of Santa Claus , since the Magi are not people. Therefore, use it when there are only adults at dinner or let the children of the family know that it is only about decoration to make the room more beautiful. Without a doubt, it will help you make everyone laugh .

Other simpler ideas to place the gifts of Kings

  • Original labels with the figures of the Kings to stick on the gifts. They usually sell them in ‘Todo a 100’ stores or stationeries. This way you will make gifts look different. If you do not find stickers of the Kings in particular, you can buy one that is different and funny.
  • Wrap with pictures . We have all been told at some time to behave well because the Three Kings saw what we did throughout the year. Proof of this may be to wrap the gifts with photos of your gifts from the same year. Thus, it will appear that the ‘Magicians’ have been very aware of them.
  • Use the figures of the Nativity Scene to guide you towards the gifts . Take the figures of the Three Kings and place them on the floor, in single file, going towards the tree or the fireplace. Without a doubt it is something different that will amaze the little ones, since they will think that the Kings themselves have placed the figures.
  • Prepare a good breakfast for camels and magicians . Put milk for the animals and save peeled tangerines, polvorones, nougat or coffee for the Kings. Surely the little ones will love preparing it and, above all, seeing the next day that they have eaten everything. This will provide even more magic and illusion when you wake up.
  • Put shoes by the tree at night . When you get up, you can find them full of candy, sweets or even a little scare: sweet coal for the naughtiest in the house.


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