New year gifts for teachers: 24 original ideas

New year gifts for teachers.What to give the teacher for the New Year.Here Are 24 Best Ideas to give gifts for your best teacher in New Year.

New year gifts for teachers: 24 original ideas

1. Christmas decorations

Present lighted figurines or LED string lights to help the teacher decorate the apartment or house for the holiday. Such a present can also be used to create a New Year’s atmosphere in the classroom.

2. Warm scarf

Present a woolen scarf with an interesting design that will keep you warm in cold weather. And if you want it to be worn throughout the winter , and not just as a holiday accessory, opt for a model without eccentric details.

3. Scented candle

A candle in an aesthetic jar will not only fill the teacher’s house with the aroma of the holiday, but will also serve as a visual decoration for the interior .

What to give an electronics teacher

1. Thermos with heating

This gadget will be a great gift for those who have prepared tea or coffee constantly cooling down. An electrically heated thermos flask will boil water or drink in a few minutes and keep the temperature high for several hours.

2. Docking station for smartphone

A multifunctional docking station for a smartphone will allow you to charge your phone at the workplace, connect flash drives and memory cards to it for copying files, as well as display an image on a TV or projector using the HDMI output.

3. External storage

A portable SSD will help you keep your important files backed up and use programs without installing them into your computer’s internal storage. Especially useful gift for laptop owner.

4. Powerbank

A universal external battery for smartphones, tablets and other gadgets will certainly come in handy for a teacher. You can donate a weighty model with a larger capacity or choose a compact powerbank with a built-in wireless charging module .

5. Table lamp

Present the teacher with a lamp with an elegant design and additional features such as a timer, brightness and temperature control, a thermometer and wireless charging. The table lamp comes in handy both on the desktop and at home for reading.

6. Air humidifier

A useful gift for maintaining a comfortable microclimate in a room with central heating. You can gift a moisturizer-fragrance to help create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere using essential oils.

What to give a teacher for relaxation and entertainment;New year gifts for teachers

1. Book

Depending on the interests and preferences of the teacher, you can donate an exciting work of art that will help you to distract and reboot after work, or a useful and interesting book in the non-fiction genre.

2. Model for assembly

Such a gift will not only become an interesting interior decoration, but will also delight those who love to create something with their own hands. Assembling a ship, a box or complex mechanisms will help you to have fun in your free time.

3. Unusual mug

A mug with an original design is one of the win-win options. The teacher will be able to enjoy delicious tea or aromatic coffee while relaxing both at home and at work.

4. Tea or coffee set

The teacher will be pleased to receive delicious tea or coffee in a beautiful package. You can choose a set with different varieties or find out your favorite type of drink and present it exactly.

5. Board game

An interesting board game will give you a lot of positive emotions and help you spend an exciting evening. You can dwell on one of the most popular games, or give an unusual version based on your favorite book or a teacher’s movie, if you can find such.

6. Massager

The massager will help you recover after a long day of work and get rid of discomfort. Choose a model for a specific body part or gift a multifunction device that will relax all muscles.

7. Paint by numbers

Coloring is one of the simple and effective ways to relieve stress and relax after a busy day. Anyone, even those who do not have special drawing skills, can distract themselves from problems and decorate a picture by numbers in different colors.

What to give a teacher from accessories

1. Notebook

A useful gift for those who like to take notes and make plans on paper. If you can’t decide on the style, present a plain classic notebook . And if you are sure that the teacher will like something unusual, then order a model with a bright print or, for example, with a leather cover in a retro style.

2. Handle

A beautiful pen with a quality ballpoint or fountain nib will definitely not be superfluous for the teacher. Present this metal model in a simple design with a case.

3. Organizer for documents

The organizer is useful for the teacher to keep the most relevant documents or records. You can donate a full-fledged briefcase with a handle, lock and several compartments, or limit yourself to a more compact folder with many pockets.

4. Laptop bag

A case or bag with a padded laptop compartment will help protect fragile equipment from scratches and bumps during daily transport. These bags usually have additional pockets to hold smaller gadgets and personal items. A large front compartment for accessories is also great.

5. Cardholder

In a beautiful cardholder, the teacher will be able to store the most necessary plastic cards without loading an already heavy bag with unnecessary things.

What to give a teacher to decorate an office

1. A figurine or a figurine for a desktop

Cute figurines will decorate your desk and diversify the interior. And if you want to make a gift more functional, choose figures – stands for a smartphone or office supplies.

2. Wall clock

Another beautiful detail of the interior can be a beautiful clock . You can choose from a minimalistic model or a vintage style with a lot of decorative elements.

3. Painting

Present a painting with an abstract drawing if you are afraid to make mistakes. Or choose a landscape or still life that will complement the interior of the room.

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