How to organize the Easter egg hunt

The  hunt for Easter eggs  is a very funny tradition that comes from  Northern Europe  (Anglophone countries and German language and culture in the first place) that has not yet caught on in Italy (maybe it will still take a few more years, as happened for Halloween!).

Organizing one is really simple and your  kids  will be thrilled! Not only that, you too can have some respite for a couple of hours while they are busy hunting! The ideal would be to plan it for the afternoon of  Easter Sunday , to recover from the lunch binge  !

Let’s see what you need together :

  • a  garden  or alternatively, if it rains or if you don’t have a garden,  a couple of rooms  to “sacrifice” for the purpose
  • as many  wicker baskets  as there are children (but any container is fine!)
  • many many many  colored eggs
  • optional tool:  grandparents  who can act as judges or help children

Preparation :

  • as perfect  Easter Bunnies  (don’t worry, for this time we won’t ask you to disguise yourself!)  place the eggs  in the garden (or in the rooms you have set up) choosing the hiding places according to various levels of difficulty, so all children (even the youngest ones) will have the opportunity to play and have fun.
  • the eggs you will hide can be of all types: real eggs colored by you or wrapped with colored paper, chocolate eggs, plastic eggs with candies inside … in short, free your imagination!


  • divide the children into groups , according to the various age groups, and assign each one a  color : that will be the color of the eggs that they will have to find during the hunt. Obviously, the eggs of the color assigned to the little ones will be those you have placed in the simplest hiding places
  • communicate to each group the  number of eggs  they must find
  • for older children, you can organize a real  treasure hunt  with clues and riddles that they will have to solve from time to time to find the next egg
  • younger children are allowed to have suggestions, grandparents can fill this role
  • the children will have to place the  eggs  in their baskets, which they will bring you when they have found all the eggs
  • the group that finds them all in the shortest time wins
  • on the  prizes  you have carte blanche: toys, big Easter eggs, sweets … whatever you want!

I conclude with a tip: if you don’t want to spend the evening looking for  eggs  that the  children  have not found and whose hiding place you have forgotten, make a map or a list of the chosen hiding places. You will avoid going crazy in search of the lost egg!

by Abdullah Sam
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