How to inflate helium-free balloons

Birthday party in sight? Would you like to have colored balloons floating in the air but you don’t have the possibility to inflate them with helium?

Do not worry! There is a quick, effective and also super cheap home method for inflating balloons, without using helium.

How to inflate helium-free balloons

To inflate about 20 medium-sized balloons you will need:

500 g of baking soda (the powdered one found in all supermarkets)
500 ml of white vinegar (the cheapest)
one 1 liter bottle empty and washed
two funnels
naturally 20 colored balloons

Inflating the balloons will be a real fun, because we would take advantage of a very simple chemical reaction by mixing  acetic acid, i.e. house vinegar,  CH3COOH and  sodium bicarbonate  NaHCO3 we should maintain approximately the proportion of 9 to 1, that is: 250 g of vinegar should be mixed with 27 g of bicarbonate.

Using one of the two funnels then pour the vinegar into a bottle, and then using the second funnel (which must be absolutely dry and clean) pour the baking soda.

Immediately cover the opening of the bottle with the balloon to be inflated and wait a few moments. The balloon will inflate by itself!

Close it firmly so as not to let out the contained air.

The balloon will remain floating just as if you had inflated it using a common helium cylinder!

The chemical reaction produced is absolutely non-toxic, and is often used in school experiments to erupt volcanoes (house mothers also use it to remove limescale residues); you can therefore easily let the children of the house help you inflate the balloons for the party, without fear that they can breathe nothing harmful.

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