How to optimize your environment and accelerate your success

Optimizing your environment is one of the fundamental factors that lead to the success of any of your projects or objectives.

Think for example, if you have to do an activity that requires concentration and precision, and you find yourself in a very noisy environment. Or if the environment is dark, or you have to be in an uncomfortable position.
These are all factors that hinder you.

But optimizing your environment doesn’t just include the physical environment.

There are in fact 3 types of environments to be taken into account to favor excellent results:

  • physical environment
  • mental
  • people (relationship environment)

And these do not exhaust the environments you interact with and are part of.

Topic index

  • Your indoor and outdoor environments
  • Optimize your environment starting from the end
  • External physical environment
  • Your mental environment
  • Relations with people
  • In summary: to optimize your environment

Your indoor and outdoor environments

Each of us is made up of:

  • a physical body,
  • mind e
  • emotions

and, I add, also the soul. This is the internal environment, which however is only part of reality.

We are in fact immersed in an external environment given by:

  • an external physical environment,
  • all the beliefs and ideas that circulate,
  • relationships with others

All these factors, both internal and external, can only influence your actions, whether you want it or not.
That’s why being able to optimize all these aspects is a highway for your success .

Optimizing your environment refers to the improvement of all external factors, while the optimization of your internal environment is the result of work on you.
The work on oneself constitutes a step in itself and another of the fundamental factors on which to work in order to proceed quickly towards the goal.

In reality there is no clear distinction, and working to optimize your external environment also affects the internal environment and vice versa.
In fact, you are one and you cannot clearly separate the various components that make up or you are immersed in it.

So for example thinking about your physical well-being also goes through:

  • taking care of your external environment by improving, among other things, the environment in which you sleep to promote your sleep,
  • your emotional well-being and the right mental approach (internal environment),
  • as well as the right actions (another of the fundamental factors for obtaining results), through good habits that help you exercise, eat healthy, and so on.

The optimization of the various aspects of your reality therefore intertwine and influence each other.

But where to start concretely for the optimization of your external environment?

Optimize your environment starting from the end

To start well you have to start from the end. That is, you must have in mind what you want and know the direction in which to proceed to get there.

For example, your goal could be one of these:

  • lose 10 pounds and be able to get into your bikini to scream this summer,
  • find 6 new customers in 3 months,
  • be more effective, or even just learn to work in a more concentrated way,
  • or finally any other goals you may have in mind.

Keep in mind that even a complex goal, such as creating your own business, can always be traced back to smaller and more concrete goals.
At this point consider the various environments in which you spend your day and identify for each environment the variations that you could introduce to make:

  • difficult actions that take you away from your goal e
  • instead, those that favor the result you want are easy.

For example, if your goal is to focus more, you could put the smartphone in another room. This would make it more difficult for you to get distracted by notifications and social media. Furthermore, working in a quiet, isolated room would make concentration easier.

It may sometimes seem to you that you don’t have much power over your environment. Be careful though, that even if perfection is not attainable, it is always possible to improve something.
And even a small improvement can speed up and greatly simplify the achievement of your results .

External physical environment

Optimizing your physical environment means improving the external environment, but it also intertwines with the care of your physical well-being.
If you want to lose weight, but you love to binge on sweets and you have a full house, the first thing to do to make it difficult that which takes you away from your goal, is to eliminate the sweets from your home.
In this way, if you feel like some sweets in the evening in front of the TV, it will be difficult to give in to temptation.
On the other hand, to help your goal, you could fill the pantry with healthy and tasty, but low-calorie foods. So when you feel like a sweet treat, you could replace it for example with a fruit.

To be more efficient at work you could instead benefit for example from a neat desk, in a bright and quiet environment, with a nice view from the window. An ergonomic chair in which your body can feel comfortable can also be of great help. It would also be an advantage to have all the useful technology available: a good computer, a printer, maybe a webcam.

Obviously these are only small (and incomplete) examples. It’s up to you to see what can optimize your physical environment to help you achieve your goal faster and easier.

Sometimes the space of action seems very little, but just a little creativity that leads perhaps to a small improvement, to have significant benefits.

Your mental environment

In addition to the physical environment, there is the mental one, which is given by your ideas.
What does it mean to optimize your mental environment? It means feeding your mind things that help you get the results you want.
Our thoughts in fact determine our reality and create our future.

For example, if you want to create your own business , books that give you the right mental setting and practical information to be able to leave will be useful.

It is not always and only about reading books that give you the right information, but also books that help your personal growth, or raise morale and make you feel good.
Books are certainly an optimal source of nourishment for your mind, but food for the mind can also be the right film, or something else.

Here too it is a question of adding what helps you, and eliminating what hinders you.

In general, eliminating (or at least resizing) the TV can be useful for any objective.

Relations with people

Finally, there are the people around you who influence you in a positive or negative way. It is said that each of us is the average of the 5 people who attend the most.

To optimize your relationship environment, you must therefore try to associate with people who have the same goal or who have already achieved it.

That is, if you want a fit physique, hang out with people with a fit physique and who are committed to keeping it fit.
If you want to become an entrepreneur, hang out with smart entrepreneurs, or other people who are committed to setting up a business.

It is about finding and dating as many people as possible who are supportive and allied for your success .

This is why there are master minds, tutors, coaches and all those relationships aimed precisely at being an inspiration and help to achieve the result you want.

In summary: to optimize your environment

To optimize your environment so that it favors the achievement of your goals, you need to act on the 3 types of environment:

  • physical (your body, the external environment and technology),
  • mental (your ideas),
  • relational (people)

And if your power of action seems limited to you, do not give in to despair.

Even small improvements can in fact bring great benefits, and tend towards the possibility of further optimizations that accelerate your journey towards success more and more.

Start now to do a little action to optimize your environment. The result will be surprising.


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