To create the life you want (and the business), you need vision and direction

What surrounds you challenges you to work hard to create the life you want, that is, safer, more comfortable and exciting for you and your loved ones. You want to take life into your own hands and not let others determine your future.
All of this means being successful. Success is indeed getting what you want.
And however difficult and challenging it may be, you can do a lot to succeed and create the life you want.

Such as creating your own business, for:

  • diversify and multiply your family’s sources of income,
  • live doing what you love,
  • make your contribution to the world

and for many other reasons.

But whether your goal is to create your own business or something different, it makes no difference.
The first step to achieving your goals and creating the life you want is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and the direction you want to follow.

Seems obvious right? Yet it is so easy to underestimate this phase.

Topic index

  • A clear vision to create the life you desire
    • Don’t be afraid to dream
    • Create your vision
    • Validate the vision
  • A direction to create the life you desire
    • Find out what you love to do
    • Take the learning process into account
  • In conclusion

A clear vision to create the life you desire

What makes you move is your vision. If this is not well defined, it is therefore easy to lose motivation and determination.

When you focus on a clear vision, you have more control than you think.
In fact, we often seem to be at the mercy of events beyond our control, but in reality we can use them to go where we want.

“You can’t control the wind but you can adjust the sail.”

Here, having absolute clarity on what you want to achieve is vital. Otherwise you will not be able to regulate “your sail” decisively and create the life you desire.

The problem is that often we don’t even allow ourselves to dream. Perhaps out of fear of fatigue, or because we believe it impossible.

Don’t be afraid to dream

Suspend your doubts, forget for a moment the common sense that is often the receptacle of limiting beliefs, and let yourself be dreaming.

At this stage, do not think about the actions to do to make your dreams come true, do not dwell on the ease or difficulty of the business.

Instead, imagine having a magic wand that allows you to get what you want in an instant and without any effort.


Now the life you desire is reality before your eyes and you can describe it.
How’s your life? How you spend your days? How are relationships with your loved ones? Who are your friends? Where and how do you live?

Think about all aspects of your life:

  • relationships with others,
  • spiritual life,
  • health,
  • wealth and financial success,
  • relationship with time,
  • self realization.

Create your vision

Look for concreteness in your vision. For example, instead of “feeling good about myself”, think what this means concretely for you:

  • weigh tot kilos and enter the dress bought long ago,
  • be able to run a marathon and win,
  • feel comfortable with people and joyfully hold a public speech,

Or instead of “success in my business”, ask yourself what it means concretely:

  • earn 500 thousand euros (or one million) per year,
  • give work to all people,
  • being able to choose when and how much to work,

Concreteness is important because it allows you to have concrete images of the results you want in mind.

And even better, the ideal is to represent in 5 or 6 images (photos, images from magazines or from the internet) the most significant aspects of your vision and put them in view where you can see them every day, so that they are continuously inspiration for your actions.

Validate the vision

Now that you have your vision before your eyes, you can check if it really matches you.

If this is not the case, then perhaps you have not had the courage to dream to the end, or the vision is not yours, but you are trying to please someone else.

You may find yourself with a vision that is not entirely consistent with your values. In this case it might be useful for you to go deeper and find out who you really are.

Or you haven’t considered some aspects of your life. In particular, you may not have considered some effects of your dreams in some area of ​​life.

If you notice that your vision is not entirely satisfactory and is not of particular inspiration to you, then try to see it again, until it fully corresponds to you.

A direction to create the life you desire

Now that you know where you want to go, it’s time to think about how to get there.
Whatever your goal, for your business or for your personal life, you have to decide what you want or can do to achieve it.
You could start dividing your goal into various sub-goals, and identify activities for each to help you get results.
The heart of this process, however, is to ask yourself what you like to do.

“If you do the job you love you won’t work even one day in your whole life.”

In fact, you can achieve a desired goal in many ways. However, if you choose the path that involves doing things you don’t love, the path will be difficult and unpleasant.

Find out what you love to do

Among the various activities that allow you to create the life you want and therefore your success, such as:

  • do you love doing it or do they do it better?
  • are they neutral?
  • Finally, do they weigh you and therefore risk blocking your progress?

Why is it useful to do this verification?
In particular:

  • some of the activities could be replaced by others with similar benefit, but more pleasant for you,
  • less pleasant activities could be done by other people who instead love them (and therefore will do them optimally)

Take the learning process into account

But be careful not to exchange the difficulty, with a lack of affinity or love for an activity.
There could indeed be totally new activities that require a learning process. These activities will therefore be at least initially more demanding and challenging. These are actions that require you to leave your comfort zone .
They could be technical activities you need to learn, or skills you need to acquire, such as public speaking.
It is only then later that you will be able to evaluate this type of action.

In conclusion

You can create the life you want, only if you have absolute clarity on what you want to achieve and the direction to follow to get there.

Vision and direction are in fact one of the most important aspects to consider to create your successful business and live the life you have always desired.
The clearer and clearer the vision, the faster you get there, as long as you take into account some failure along the way.

Yes, because if you commit yourself, success is inevitable. Failure is also inevitable, but it is part of the path that leads to final victory.

In fact, the important thing is not to win every single battle, but to win the war.


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