How to correctly optimize your computer with TuneUp?

TuneUp comes as a program from AVG that promises to optimize your computer in a matter of a couple of seconds. And it is that, many people are already tired of opening the Windows troubleshooter every so often. Therefore, they need a useful and versatile tool that suits their requirements.

That is why, in this article, we will tell you everything about TuneUp, a program that will make your life easier and increase the performance of your computer . Thanks to this, you will not have to choose to backup your drivers to format the PC . Since, you can speed up the startup, clean files that take up a lot of space and other things that we will talk about next.

How to correctly optimize your computer with TUNEUP? – Learn to use it

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  1. Where to download the TuneUp program without problems?
  2. How to optimize and improve performance using TuneUp?
  3. What are the disadvantages of using TuneUp to optimize?
    1. It is a paid program
    2. Deletion of important files
    3. problems that are not

Where to download the TuneUp program without problems?

If you want to give a revolutionary change to the operation of your computer , it is important that you go to the official page of TuneUp and download the program. By doing this, you have a wide range of possibilities at your disposal, among which 35 great functions stand out.

However, this program is not free and once the trial period is over, you have to join and pay for its license. The remarkable thing is that the price is quite accessible and if you really loved all its functions, it is best to buy it immediately.

How to optimize and improve performance using TuneUp?

You may prefer to fix system problems by  starting Windows 10 PC in safe mode , or by formatting your computer on a regular basis. But with TuneUp, you no longer have to resort to these methods because this software improves your computer with just one click . To use it, it is essential that you install it.

Then, you have to open the program and enter its panel . From here, you will find an easy to use interface and various buttons that direct you to many of its functions. For example, you can schedule automatic maintenance and choose its frequency by clicking apply and accept changes.

If you press the button that says Go to Zen, your computer’s performance will be fully analyzed . Being aware of the most common problems, background programs, junk files and other mishaps. The best thing about all this is that TuneUp solves problems and uninstalls those programs that you no longer use. Thus, typical system failures will disappear and the performance of the PC will be accelerated.

What are the disadvantages of using TuneUp to optimize?

Although there are such positive aspects of using TuneUp, there are also less favorable ones that you need to know about. For this reason, in this section we indicate three key points that you should be aware of. Only then will you know if it is worth making the decision to appeal to this program.

It is a paid program

Although there are programs to optimize the performance of the PC that are free, with TuneUp you are forced to pay for a use license. Although the free trial lasts only one month, you can take full advantage of all its features during this time. In case you like the program, you better buy it.

Deletion of important files

When you clean junk files with the Cleanup button within the TuneUp panel , duplicate files are eradicated. Also, you are notified with a list of files to confirm your decision. Despite this, it is possible that you access without first having a backup to protect your highlighted documents.

Then, you are exposed to the most important programs on your computer being deleted if you are not aware of it. Not to mention that the data and cache of the browser can also be cleaned with this program and if you do it, you will lose all your passwords.

problems that are not

On the other hand, once the diagnosis is made regarding how the system is performing, a long list of problems to be solved will appear. The ones that, in reality, might not be affecting your computer so much or acting in the background. That said, it is important that you evaluate these aspects before pressing the Optimize button.

In any case, we consider that TuneUp is a very safe program and that it produces quite accurate results. Only, you must be aware of each of your actions in order to avoid serious problems that you cannot solve.

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