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Before your fellow readers read this article further, it helps us know what the meaning of “Online Business” itself. Online business is the activity of buying and selling products that are done online or online or not face to face using the latest technology. The development of this business until it can finally become a trusted online business is not a short process. In the modern era like now, we can see how many online business listings consist of various latest online businesses.


Everyone can do business this way, from home-based online businesses, free online businesses via mobile phones to online businesses without capital. This development shows that online business in 2019 is increasingly varied and unique, so that everyone who wants to do business online can choose the way they like.


In this article, we will explain about “how to start an online business from scratch?” All startup founders know how they have to be frugal or wise in spending money in promotion (marketing) at the initial stage of their startup being established. Even though the funds at the beginning of the business are still very limited, doesn’t that mean there is no other effective way to market our products ?


Technological developments really bring “fresh air” for those who live far apart, then be closer to the internet and for those who want to disseminate their products, the internet can help them through online business. According to the American express dot com website, there are 7 ways we can apply to promote our online business for free, yep for free! That is without a penny. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Rely on Social Media.

Technology and the internet are very closely related to social media. Creating social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is very effective for promoting our online business . Why? because the creation of social media accounts can be done for free. By creating just one social media account, we can start doing business online. In addition, we can also place advertisements on social media so that these ads can connect our online business directly with the target customers we have.


2. Use the Largest Local Listing Service.

We can try the second way, which is registering our online business through Google Places which allows our online business to be easier when traced through Google. We only need to register by filling out the form displayed, then verifying our online business through the confirmation process that they provide, which can be done via telephone call or snail mail.


3. Come on, Start Writing on Blog!

The third way we can do is write a blog. Create a blog specifically for our online business where this blog can help us connect with consumers more closely and directly. However, we often just diligently and routinely write a blog in the beginning. If we really want to promote an online business for free through the help of blogs, then we must be diligent in writing the latest content so that consumers are increasingly interested in visiting our blog, and certainly more interested in the products we offer. If our online business blog is abandoned, consumers will assume the seller is not serious in marketing their products.


4. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) for Your Business Website.

So that the online business that we have is increasingly widespread and famous, using SEO for our business website is the right decision. Through this SEO, consumers who are widespread in the online world will find it easier to get to know and find products in our online business.


5. Optimizing YouTube Use.

In addition to the four ways above, the fifth way we can do is optimize Youtube to promote our online business . YouTube provides an effective way for us to promote our highly creative video marketing for free! However, so that our video marketing content is seen by many people online, then we need to make video content that is relevant to the online business that we have. So, consumers can see the consistency of product promotions that we do.


6. Promote Live Online Business.

Some social media allow us to do online promotions with live coverage. For example, Instagram. Every time our online business has a new product or service that is ready to be promoted online, make a live recording so that followers of our online business account can find out this information as quickly as possible.


7. Join Relevant Online Communities.

Every form of business has an online community that we can join. For example, on Facebook we will find a community of brownie cake sellers. Joining an online community like this will make it easier for us to get important information that is relevant to our online business. So, we can stay updated with the latest news. In addition, the online community can make it easier for us to promote each other online businesses that we have. How would you know our relatives in the community can help promote our online business?

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