What is meant by the entrepreneurial spirit? First, we need to look at the meaning of entrepreneurship first. Entrepreneurship is a process that we have to identify, develop and realize all the visions and missions we have in life. Then, what does “entrepreneurial spirit” mean? The entrepreneurial spirit is a strong sense or desire within us to realize the innovative and creative ideas that we have in developing and realizing all the visions and missions of our lives.


What do you think are the characteristics of entrepreneurship? There are several characteristics of entrepreneurship such as having a leadership spirit, being future oriented, having confidence and being brave in taking risks. So, what are the benefits of entrepreneurship? When a person has an entrepreneurial spirit, this is very beneficial for his own life because the individual concerned has the opportunity to control his destiny and living conditions. In addition, the benefits of entrepreneurship are also to help others in opening new opportunities, such as wider employment opportunities.


Is the Entrepreneurial Soul Important for Corporate Culture? 

Maybe some people just think that the entrepreneurial spirit is only important to apply in themselves, especially in the souls of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who want to set up their business or business. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit is also important to be embedded into the company culture, especially in every employee.


This becomes very important because the entrepreneurial spirit can instill entrepreneurial characteristics in employees that are very good for their development in the company. The entrepreneurial characteristics that can be possessed by employees, such as honest and open nature, creative and innovative mind, a high sense of commitment, an independent attitude and also discipline.


If the fellow reader is a businessman, company leader or CEO, then the fellow reader needs to know that building an entrepreneurial spirit in company culture is very important. Why? because the entrepreneurial spirit can encourage employees to think creatively beyond the limits, develop innovative ideas and encourage the development of the company and their personal growth. So, the purpose of entrepreneurship or instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship into the culture of the company is to create employees who behave and are so.


According to the dot com entrepreneur website, there are 4 main ways you can embed the entrepreneurial spirit into the corporate culture. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Recruit the Best Candidates.

The first way we need to take is to pay attention to the recruitment process that we do in selecting the best candidates. To get the right employees, we need to choose qualified candidates. So that the entrepreneurial spirit can be well embedded in the corporate culture, we need many employees who are hardworking and never give up. In addition, we also need to find employees who are focused on the business, in this case the business in question is the development and progress of the company’s business. We really need employees who are always thinking about the progress of the company’s products and services. Then, how to improve product quality? and what can be done to increase sales? It is a good idea for fellow readers to ask this question of the candidates during the recruitment or interview process. Some questions that might help:

– What contributions have you made to increase sales at the previous company?

– Approximately, what creative ideas and innovations have you done, especially in previous companies?

– Are you someone who is brave enough to take risks?


Candidates who are curious (willing to keep learning), have a mentality of ownership and the ability to take risks are candidates who have an entrepreneurial spirit. That way, we can easily instill the spirit of entrepreneurship into company culture through the best employees.


2. Give Appreciation and Incentives to Employees.

As discussed at the beginning of the article, the entrepreneurial spirit is very important to be applied in company culture because this attitude will encourage employees to think creatively and innovatively. Employees with an entrepreneurial spirit do tend to produce brilliant ideas. Well, this can be a golden opportunity for the company, especially if the company’s leaders want to provide appreciation and incentives for all creative and innovative bright ideas from their employees.


For example, holding an idea contest, employees whose ideas are selected and implemented within the company will get applause or congratulations from all colleagues and leaders at the launch of a new product that uses creative ideas from the employee. In addition, the provision of incentives is also very powerful to encourage the creativity of employees. They will be increasingly motivated to think beyond limits and produce creative and innovative ideas. From this second point, we can conclude that the entrepreneurial spirit embedded in corporate culture is to think creatively and innovatively.


3. Providing Training.

We have listened to two ways, namely recruiting the best candidates and giving appreciationand incentives. However, applying these two things alone is not enough, colleagues. In this case, we also need to provide training to the best employees who have been recruited and have provided creative ideas through the incentives and appreciation that we provide them. Training is very useful to give new insight to superior employees that we have and encourage new ideas that they can use in honing creativity. The company will never lose in conducting training for its best employees because by providing training it is like building strong assets for the company’s progress in the future. From this third point, we can see that the entrepreneurial spirit that is embedded in corporate culture is the attitude of finding out new things and always wanting to learn.


4. Giving Trust to Employees.

Trust is everything. Without trust, employees will not display an entrepreneurial spirit. They will be afraid to try new things because their boss or leader will get angry when they face failure. The fourth point is no less important to instill an entrepreneurial spirit that likes to explore and be independent like entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.


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