For those who do not like to sell, here are 5 business ideas

Not everyone has the quality of a salesman or doesn’t like the business they have to sell, so will they do business? Very few business ideas can be found without selling . Of these, these 6 Business Ideas are the most profitable.

Best 8 Business Ideas in Bangladesh who can do this business without selling business.

Event Planning

Our Bangladesh festival is a country in danger. Every day there are some events around us. Suppose this is a wedding, luncheon day, corner special day, national day, etc. Everybody wants their festival or event to be free of any kind.

It requires those dependents who can make their customer happy with all the responsibility. This business is event planning. So you can think about this business.

Landy Service – Business Ideas

Landy service business with little capital can be your second road to income. This business is a business idea in the area full of population. We have very few areas in Bangladesh where there is no laundry shop. Starting a business in a new area is a bit difficult but not impossible. Offering home-to-home service can easily make the laundry business successful.

Business coaching

Although this is an exceptional business but profitable. You can start your business coaching business by advising people who want to start a new business. It is possible to make good profit on a small amount of capital.

Rent-a-car business

This business has benefited many who have done it before. Although investing a lot in the beginning, its results are available throughout the year. This business can be profitable if management is good.


If your writing hand is good in English or Bangla, you can start this business at home without pooja. The reason I call blogging a business is because it is very difficult now to be successful in this business alone. Investing in the blogging business can be of great benefit.

Hope you like these ideas. Let us know which idea suits you best. Like us on Facebook and stay tuned. Thanks a lot

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