Wish reviews: is it safe to sell here?

One of the platforms for online purchases that has surprised the most in recent years due to its great launch and rise in the market is Wish and that is why many of you ask us for opinions about Wish to sell there . This marketplace created almost exclusively for mobile devices offers you a brutal amount of products at low cost and has become one of the most popular web portals for you to make purchases online throughout the world.


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Next, we will see what Wish is, we will talk about whether buying on this platform is safe and we provide some recommendations to buy on Wish avoiding fraud or scams.

As is often the case with everything that is electronic commerce, we always end up wondering if the marketplace is reliable and looking for opinions, as in this case you are in this article because you are looking for opinions about Wish.

Next we are going to see what exactly Wish is, we will also talk about whether or not it is advisable to buy on this platform, for that reason the buyer’s security and some other recommendations that we will give you in this article so that you can buy peacefully on it, avoiding always scams or fraud.


  • 1 What exactly is Wish?
  • 2 Wish opinions: advantages of buying on Wish
  • 3 Is my money safe on Wish?
  • 4 How can I make secure purchases on Wish?
    • 1 Pay with PayPal
    • 2 Check the opinion of other buyers on your chosen product
    • 3 You should read the description of the products that interest you
    • 4 You should read Wish’s return policy
    • 5 Screenshots and photos

What exactly is Wish?

In short, Wish is an application that is accumulating a lot of success and that allows you to purchase products through the Internet as an intermediary. In a global market in which large platforms or marketplaces dominate online sales, the Wish application has managed to enter the market in style with its business model focused on mobile devices.

Wish is basically the first marketplace in the market that has been created exclusively to sell mobile devices , and right now it is one of the best-known platforms in the world to make online purchases of these products that we use so much.

Wish opinions: advantages of buying on Wish

The triumph of the application for sale of mobile devices Wish focuses on different aspects, of which we can highlight all these:


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  • It is an application designed exclusively for mobile phones, so it gets much better performance on these devices.
  • The application has a perfectly designed interface , a lot of usability that makes everything you do in it simpler and friendly with the end user. They have a concept, shopping is fun.
  • On Wish they use two of the most used online payment methods, PayPal and cards . So if you don’t like leaving your cards, you can always use PayPal.
  • Different very innovative purchase options such as the possibility of being able to buy the same item with another interested user and at the same time, thus achieving a final price discount for the purchase.
  • Very competitive prices , in many cases low, where many items are even below € 3.
  • Wide variety of products.
  • The application is available for the main mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

Is my money safe on Wish?

It can be stated loud and clear that making purchases on the Wish platform is totally reliable , since this marketplace has different tools and payment methods to guarantee that transactions are carried out within a security and a very reliable framework for you.

Of course, since it is a platform that is a martketplace, it may be that some sellers use sales techniques or strategies that can lead you to error or confusion, or that you can even buy products that do not match when unpacking. with the description that was offered to you on the website.


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For your security, the Wish platform has at your disposal and that of all customers, a claims service through which you can receive a refund of your purchases if these purchases do not comply with the conditions of sale established and agreed between buyer and seller. The resolution time may take some time, but it is a very serious and effective solution that allows you to buy on Wish safely and that has led Wish to have very good opinions on the Internet.

How can I make secure purchases on Wish?

So that you can buy on Wish safely and trust the platform, without being afraid of receiving a product that does not correspond to what they offered you, suffering a scam or anything similar, we are going to give you a few recommendations:

Pay with PayPal

As you well know, it has buyer protection, which means that the transaction is not made until the buyer confirms this order. We recommend that you make your purchases with this method so that in case something happens you can retain the money. You will go up a level in terms of security.


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Check the opinion of other buyers on your chosen product

In all your online purchases, and of course on the Wish platform, the opinion of the rest of the users who have already made the purchase of a product can become the best way to inform you about the product in question. To do this you will only have to do it from the Wish app, there you will be able to consult opinions and evaluations of other buyers and thus you will know first-hand how their purchase has been and how they deal with the seller and above all what the product that is going to be like. to buy.

By consulting the opinions of other buyers you can get information as relevant as for example:

  • What is the state of the product and packaging.
  • Delivery time since the purchase is made.
  • It corresponds or does not correspond to what has been offered by the buyer in the product’s online file.
  • How good or bad the seller has served you.

You should read the description of the products that interest you

Although this advice seems to be obvious, it is very important that you read the entire description of the product that the seller offers you about each of them. Then you realize that you have not read well and that your expectations were different but you have already received the product and you will not be able to get a refund, since the product description does include those details that you did not know and therefore, it is your fault. .


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For example, if you are going to buy clothes on the platform, as is obvious, it is important that you check in the description if size tables and the conversion of the same are included. Why? Because Wish products may come from China and sizes in that country are obviously different. Many sellers offer you conversion tables to make things easier for you.

You should read Wish’s return policy

Before you buy anything on Wish, it should be mandatory that you read the return policy in order to know what to do when returning a product.

Wish sets a period of 30 days for you to request a refund for a purchase if it does not comply with the established conditions or if you have not received the order in the time agreed upon.

Screenshots and photos

One way you have to ensure that the product received in a purchase you have made on Wish does not match the offer posted on the web is to take screenshots of that product description at the time you made the purchase . Thus, in this way, evidence can be provided to Wish in case of requesting a refund. Many sellers with not very good intentions may change the description or the conditions once they have made the sale and thus avoid refunds, with this method you will save yourself from this possible trap.

Taking photos and videos of the items received is also another way to provide proof of their malfunction or that they do not match what was purchased.

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