Zaful reviews: is it a safe online store?

If you have come to this article it is because you are looking for opinions of Zaful, because for example, you would like to know if buying in Zaful is safe or not? If it is a good option for an online store to buy cheap clothes online, and if it is store has certain advantages over buying in front of a physical store in any shopping center.

Zaful, in case you don’t know it, is an online store that sells clothes, shoes, accessories and accessories and much more, all in the latest in terms of fashion and trends and also has a plus, it is made by emerging designers at prices very competitive.

What we have collected looking for opinions about Zaful, is that when making so many shipments everywhere, it may be that products arrive that do not correspond to what was requested by the customer, who sees the need to make returns in Zaful and in this way, they do not lose anything they paid.


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All the opinions of Zaful that you will find online are quite different, because as you already know, what happens with most stores of this type, such as Wish or Joom, too many users have many doubts about how to buy in them and if that purchase is really safe. If you do a quick search on Google with the words ‘Zaful opinions’,  you will be able to find, for example, many and very different comments about this online store. The best thing you can do is investigate those opinions very well to make that purchase correctly, and that your decision is good and you meet your needs without any problem.


  • 1 Returns on Zaful
  • 2 Return policy at Zaful
  • 3 Is it worth buying from Zaful?

Returns at Zaful

It has happened to all of us and it is like that, it is very heavy. Placing an order online and when you receive the package and open it you realize that it is not exactly what you asked for, it is a nuisance, but you should not worry at Zaful. As a general rule, all online stores offer alternatives for returns and Zaful is no exception. So if you make a purchase at Zaful and you don’t know how to request that return or exchange, in this article we will explain how to do it. Stay reading because below you will find everything you need to know to make returns at Zaful.

Return policy at Zaful

What you have to know to make a return in Zaful is mainly its return policy, therefore, we are going to try to get you to know it in the following lines. You will find this same return policy of the online store and of the company in general on its official website and by reading it you will be aware of how to proceed at all times if you need something.

Actually it is your obligation to have it exposed but it should also be your duty as a buyer to know the conditions of purchase and sale so that nothing happens with any order and you can make a good purchase or a good return without scares.

Zaful’s return policy tells us that any irregular or illegal circumstance with the package already received (and that can be classified as a defective or damaged package, or with the wrong size) may be notified to the online store’s support center, Zaful.


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To add some more information, the return policy also specifies how you will have to proceed in case the error in the order was the total responsibility of the company or, on the contrary, the responsibility of the customer. A simple example: if the package has arrived with the wrong or defective size, the responsibility is clearly with the company, then after this, the package itself can be returned to the warehouse for a refund or exchange.


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If, on the other hand, it is the customer’s responsibility because the customer himself ordered the wrong size or product and made a mistake, but wants to make the respective returns in Zaful, then the customer will be solely responsible for the cost of shipping in both directions (both to return it to the warehouse as well as to bring it back to your house) to make that change.

If you want a refund, Zaful will do it completely and without any problem. In addition to this, you will also be given the option of partial refund, if as a customer you do not want the product or if you want to change it for a different one.

These are, basically, the options that you have in Zaful if you are interested in being able to make a return online. Remember that to make this type of returns you only have 30 days after you receive the item you purchased.

Is it worth buying from Zaful?

If we take into account that today what is sought is quality and price in the same purchase, we have to know that then it is worth making a purchase at Zaful. Of course, here you will not have or find brand clothes to buy, rather what you are going to find are confections of designers who are starting but who know the latest fashion or market trend. This is an advantage that we have to take into account and that many people will love, since you have the latest clothes in terms of trend and at the same time, of good quality, with style and at the best price, why do you want more? .


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On the other hand, Zaful also offers you many amenities when making the payment . Among all the payment methods available in Zaful, you will have options such as bank transfer, credit or debit card and Western Union. What we recommend is that you always use the PayPal payment platform so that your purchases are as secure as possible. As we told you in previous paragraphs, this system guarantees that if there are returns or you need intermediaries for a dispute, you have it. And in addition, it is possible that you make payments through the Express-Checkout system, with which you will not need to register. 

For all these things that we tell you in this article, making purchases at Zaful leads to many different opinions, opinions of all kinds, but which, in general, seem to be positive for the majority of users who buy in the online store. With all this we know, the opinions of Zaful that we have read and much more that you have available on the Internet to know more about the store, we can think that it is a good option to buy cheap clothes online from China and above all, without having to leave From home.

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