How to create a temporary phone number

The Internet has evolved significantly in recent years . Thanks to technology, there are many who benefit from it, whether to work, consult information, as well as other things. Today it is vital to have an email, as well as a phone number.

Applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and others require a phone number, a key for the operation of each of them. Thanks to different apps, you can create a temporary phone number , suitable for use in any application that asks for one and you decide not to put yours for security reasons.


  • 1 What is a temporary phone number for?
  • 2 All functions included
  • 3 How to get a temporary phone number
  • 4 Install eSIM Number
  • 5 Create a temporary number with «eSIM number»
  • 6 How to use the temporary number in WhatsApp

What is a temporary phone number for?

The creation of a temporary telephone number will serve for example to have two accounts in different applications, for example to use two WhatsApp accounts. Apart from the messaging application, it can be used for other apps, all those that need a number to work.

Each virtual number created has an estimated life time, this will vary depending on each of the applications, either for a few hours or up to a few days. Many use this well-known service in order to keep their privacy, fundamental in the network of networks.

All features included

When creating a temporary phone number, for example, you will be able to send and receive SMS , calls and other normal uses, as if you had a SIM in the device. The line usually has nine digits, although sometimes it uses a prefix (from the country of residence or from abroad).

There are certain advantages when using a virtual number, including maintaining anonymity, calls are not limited, as well as being suitable for personal and business use. Many companies make use of them for marketing campaigns , having several temporary numbers for the sale of products.

How to get a temporary phone number

To get a temporary phone number you must use applications. Thanks to them, creating one will be a matter of a few minutes, activating the number and taking advantage of all its advantages, including making calls, using it for apps, sending SMS and a variety of other things.

One of the applications still in force for creating a temporary telephone number is “eSIM Number”, one of the best known thanks to the fact that it has been operating for years. But it is not the only one, Burner is also available , a free tool for the first seven days.

Install eSIM Number

The first thing is to prepare the eSIM Number application to have a temporary number, it is free and has been available in the Play Store for a long time. The eSIM Number single is simple, as well as being one of the best valued today by the entire store community.


ESIM Number: Virtual Numbers & Internet Data

Developer: eSIM number

Price: Free

The first thing is to download the app «eSIM Number», you can do it right from the link above and wait for the application to be installed.

The application is intuitive, even for those who have not used it before , since it requires a few steps to be able to operate with the new number.

The positive thing about eSIM Number is that it is in Spanish, it will not be necessary to translate any of the parts to start using it, a positive point over others. In addition, eSIM Number does not need much to activate a number and thus be able to work whenever you want in popular applications, including WhatsApp, Telegram, among others.

Create a temporary number with «eSIM number»

Once you have installed eSIM Number you will be able to obtain a second number, whatever the application, this will take a matter of a few minutes. The tool offers the basics at a glance, so you have to follow each of the steps to carry out the registration of the number.

To register the new number, do the following:

  • Open the eSIM Number app once after you have installed it
  • Click on “Telephone numbers “, it appears in the upper left , the application gives a free telephone number with the United States prefix, although it is best to discard it
  • Click on “Social Media Numbers” to purchase a number that is eligible for two-step verification
  • Follow the step by step and choose an international number, the options are varied, so choose one from Europe and not one from outside
  • Now it will let you select the plan, either monthly or annual, the preferred one of many is the month by month one, as it is a temporary phone number, you can use it for as long as you want and leave it free once you do not want to operate anymore , remember that the temporary number has a cost (be it one month or twelve months)
  • Once you have chosen the duration time, you will have a number to start calling, using applications or sending / receiving SMS, among many other things
  • Once active you will be able to manage the temporary number from the application itself, specifically at the bottom you have the functions of calls, voicemail and forwarding, among several others

How to use the temporary number in WhatsApp

For this you have to have a second WhatsApp application , today you can clone one more if you want through the phone itself or through applications from the Play Store. For example in Samsung you have to go to Phone Settings> Advanced Settings> Dual Messenger, in Huawei / Honor go to Settings> Applications> Gemala application and select “WhatsApp”.

Once WhatsApp is run as a second application or on another phone, add the new phone number and register it with the temporary number. Confirm with the received SMS that WhatsApp will send you and it will be activated after a few seconds, this will take a little time.

The subscription service does not have a very high price, as an alternative without having to acquire a SIM card makes it an option at least interesting. ESIM number has been operating for many years and the only downside if you can put one is that it uses prefixes and outside numbers.


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