How to get infinite money in Pou

It is one of the most famous virtual pets on the Play Store , becoming one of the inseparable ones for children and adults for many years. Pou is one of the applications with the highest downloads, adding more than 500 million downloads in the Google Play store.

Once you start Pou you have to follow some small guidelines to keep it as good as possible, including feeding it, bathing it, having fun, among other tasks. One of the important things about the application is to have money to progress in a game that engages and who tries it a lot.

There are tricks to get infinite money in Pou , an app that has remained popular despite the years, since updates are really important. Pou will interact in a fun way, so it is advisable to make him a happy life and give a few pampering whenever possible.


  • 1 First of all, download Pou
  • 2 How to get infinite money in Pou
  • 3 With Game Guardian
  • 4 Other options to earn coins in Pou
  • 5 A version with Mod

First of all, download Pou

If you don’t have Pou installed on your device, the first and essential thing is to download the application from the Play Store, remembering that it is free. Its developer recommends this application to children from an age of 3 years onwards, being ideal for learning how to play it with their parents.

Once you start you do not have enough money, so it is best to get free money in Pou , all in a simple and legal way. You can do many things with it, so it is advisable to invest it and go one step further in a virtual pet that is the queen of queens.

The money is obtained progressively , daily, once you collect certain coins, with which to buy clothes, food, objects and accessories of all kinds. One of the tasks to get virtual coins is to bathe Pou as much as you can, he will not deny it as it is one of the tasks.



Developer: Zakeh Ltd

Price: Free

How to get infinite money in Pou

It will not be necessary to do much to get infinite money in Pou, it is essential if we want to do the basic things with the pet. At the beginning there will be very few coins, but as you play, you will progress and get a lot to be able to acquire everything in the store.

To get money quickly and easily, a task to do is to bathe it as many times as you can, since it is one of the tasks that gives more money. The bathrooms will be used so that you can get virtual money and this will make you get a lot in a short time.

Another way to make infinite money in Pou is to have the application in the background , yes, always pay attention to Pou, not leaving it to its own devices. Pou is a pet and like any pet it needs a little attention as long as you have a free space in your schedule.

With Game Guardian

Money is important when playing Pou, progress will make you one of the best players in the application and thus unlock everything. Game Guardian was born as a tool with which to have infinite money in Pou , it works today as it did at the beginning.

With Game Guardian, different parameters will be modified , so it will be possible to change the number of coins you have in the game. It is necessary to make a small purchase, to then have all the coins we want, this being one of the tricks that works perfectly even in 2021.

One of the few things that is required is to have the root done on the phone to use the Game Guardian application, if not, that will take you a short time. The process of rooting is simple , but it depends on the make and model, as well as the step-by-step tutorial to carry it out.

Other options to earn coins in Pou

One of Pou’s best tricks to earn infinite money is to bet on minigames , including Free Fall, known for its rewards. It does not take too long, in addition to getting coins quickly in a time that will vary, but will not exceed two minutes, an estimated time that will vary.

Find Pou is another of the minigames in which you earn infinite money , adding a third such as Memory, perfect if you want to reach one goal per day. Either of the two is valid if you want to win and add coins with it, which is virtual money.

To earn money it is best to connect every day, being basic and above all necessary if you want to get cosmetics along with accessories. With Find Pou, for example, you will be able to earn infinite money in Pou , an application that has become important for a long time.

A version with Mod

One of the best options to get infinite money in Pou is to download a version with Mod , it is one of the many modified to get what you crave so much. Money is a fundamental part of this application, being essential if you want to pave the way.

It is one of many modified versions of the application, but there are several available on the Internet, being available on pages such as Mod APK to download, among others. If you download one, the one recommended by the Pou community is Pou v1.4.84 mod , it is the one recommended by the many players of the virtual pet.

Pou v.14.84 mod was released in February , a little over three months ago, being a stable revision, with corrections and some other additional additions. Once you start it, it usually appears as the official one, but the options are varied, adding infinite money to buy

With Pou v.14.84 mod you have everything, including the wardrobe, you can feed as many times as you want and win in the advances with your pet. It is one of several mods, since another one that they usually recommend is Pou mod v1.4.84 (a lot of money), with the addition of the included coins.


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